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Ideal location assets and innovative growth

A dynamic economic region stretching from the busy Berlin environs to the south of the city and right up to the municipalities around Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) – this is the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg. Its excellent infrastructure, first-class business locations, innovative technology centers and motivated skilled workforce make it an ideal company location. Be it global corporations, medium-sized companies or startups – the company landscape of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg is just as diverse as the industries represented here.

Dynamic economic development

The Airport Region Team is a cooperation of the two business development agencies, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB) and is focused on economically strengthening the region around Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). With headquarters directly at BER Airport, we are the first point of contact for companies interested in opening new branches or offices in the region.

Our close cooperation with the respective industry experts of each economic development agency means that we can support you with all your questions regarding company expansions and settlements.


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With the highest gross domestic product and largest population in the European Union, Germany is Europe’s most important market and a coveted location when it comes to international investments. With Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) the region benefits from a European air traffic hub and a business environment that stands out thanks to many location assets. Companies from many different industries already enjoy the benefits of the growing German capital region.


High-growth and innovative industries characterize the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg. Multinational, medium-sized companies and startups benefit from extraordinary cooperation possibilities and excellent industry and science networks.

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The Airport Region Team's key services include advising on settlement projects and expansion investments in the region's growth industries, providing information on developments in the area surrounding the airport, and acting as an intermediary to the relevant business development agency in Berlin or Brandenburg. You will receive information and contacts on available commercial space, skilled workers and managers, as well as financing and funding opportunities.

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The BER airport operator, project developers, boroughs and municipalities are partners of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg brand alliance. The “Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg” label stands for a broad and varied range of excellently developed, premium premises for industry and trade with Germany’s lowest business tax rate, as well as ideal transport conections in the direct and greater vicinity of BER Airport.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in becoming a partner.


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Find the right location for your company - whether in the immediate vicinity of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), in Berlin's city center or in one of Brandenburg's central industrial parks or freight centers.


Find out more about important events in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg as well as where to meet our team face-to-face at international conferences and trade fairs.


Please contact us to receive more information or to make an appointment.

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Discover the region's growing industries, recent company relocations, and exciting real estate projects in the immediate and wider vicinity of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). Gain insight into the companies in the region, news from cross-state industry clusters, and their dynamic development.

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is the heart of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg and its gateway to the world. Many companies consider the direct connections between economic markets and growth industries as significant success factors and location assets. With flights to over 130 destinations the international BER airport connects the capital region with cities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Not least it offers shorter flight times to Asian destinations compared to e.g. Paris and London.

A business location with many advantages.

"The region around BER airport is developing into one of the outstanding business locations in the German capital region." Dr. Steffen Kammradt (Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg, CEO)

"We are already registering concrete settlement projects that can be traced back to the international airport. This knock-on effect will only increase because the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg is extremely attractive for investors." Dr. Stefan Franzke (Berlin Partner, CEO)


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Laying of the Foundation Stone for CA Immo´s Sustainable Office Tower in Berlin´s Europacity

On september 12, together with the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner, members of the Bundestag and the Berlin House of Representatives as well as representatives of the investor and project developer CA Immo and the future exclusive tenant Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB), the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the Upbeat high-rise complex in Berlin's Europacity took place. The building complex will have around 35,000 m² of rental space. CA Immo is developing the high-quality office tower in close cooperation with DKB as a consistently sustainable and fully digitalised property. CA Immo's total investment amounts to approx. 300 m euros. Construction of the complex is scheduled for completion at the turn of 2025/2026.

The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner: "I am very pleased to be able to be present at the laying of the foundation stone for the Upbeat. The Upbeat forms the northern entrance to Europacity - one of the most exciting new quarters in our city. In the near future, a modern business district with international appeal will be established here. The Upbeat is a real flagship. In close cooperation with the state of Berlin, the developer CA Immo has not only decisively advanced the office building, but also the planning beyond it in the Europacity."

Keegan Viscius, CEO of CA Immo: "Today's laying of the foundation stone for the Upbeat shows that the office will continue to play an essential role for companies and their employees in the future. The office will remain the central place for collaboration, communication and knowledge transfer. We are therefore very pleased to have won DKB, a modern, strongly future-oriented company, as a tenant. Together with DKB, we are implementing an equally innovative and sustainable building and space concept with the Upbeat. The Upbeat is already our tenth building in the Europacity. Berlin is one of the most attractive real estate markets in Germany and our early strategic focus on this market has once again proven to be correct with the conclusion of the 15-year lease for this building. With completion at the turn of 2025/2026, the Upbeat will make a significant contribution to our rental income and also further improve our key figures - e.g. FFO 1 - significantly."

Stefan Unterlandstättner, CEO of DKB"For DKB, the city of Berlin is and will continue to be the pulsating heart and engine of our entrepreneurial drive. With the DKB Campus, we are ushering in a new era for the future of one of the capital's largest employers and, with this decision, are committing ourselves to the regional business location. The symbiosis between state-of-the-art working environments and high sustainable efficiency of the building symbolises our claim to combine digital excellence with our pioneering role as the most sustainable bank among the top 20 in Germany in one physical hub. Our employees can look forward to a new headquarters that promotes the further development of our corporate culture and enables new forms of joint encounters."

Upbeat - Highlights of the development

Upbeat marks the urban prelude to Europacity in a prime location that is visible from afar. With a height of up to 82 metres, Upbeat towers over the neighbouring buildings by a good 30 metres. In addition to its high visibility and its style-defining architecture, the building also impresses with its very good accessibility. In Europacity, considerable investments have recently been made in the infrastructure as well as in high-quality residential and commercial space, and the location has thus developed into an attractive, dynamic and preferred environment for work, leisure, culture and living.

Designed by the renowned Berlin architects Kleihues + Kleihues, Upbeat features modern and organic-looking architecture with three different building heights, spacious roof terraces and a large, open and transparent lobby. The basement takes advantage of the site's topography and allows for a delivery zone separated from the public as well as a spacious underground car park. The building has both a public main entrance directly from Heidestraße and another entrance on the western side of the building with a taxi entrance.

The building's flexible floor plans allow for efficient office concepts ranging from cubicle offices to combined solutions and open space concepts. The high flexibility of the spaces makes them easy to adapt to future tenant requirements as the way traditional office space is used evolves.

During the development of the Upbeat, high priority was given to the health and well-being of the tenants. Among other things, the concept provides for the highest standards in ventilation systems and air hygiene. Accordingly, CA Immo will seek WELL Core Gold certification for the building.

In terms of energy, too, high sustainability criteria are being observed in the realisation of the Upbeat. As with all CA Immo project developments, the GEG reference values for primary energy requirements will be significantly undercut. To this end, CA Immo is developing, among other things, a future-oriented energy concept in which both renewable energy sources and innovative energy systems are used. Certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in at least gold is being sought.

Based on the lessons learned from the cube berlin on Washingtonplatz, developed and built by CA Immo and considered one of the most technologically advanced buildings in Europe, Upbeat will also have extensive digital, interconnected features. In addition, the building will have excellent, fail-safe connectivity. For this, Upbeat has already been awarded the international WiredScore platinum certificate.

CA Immo is investing a total of around € 300 m, including land, in the development and marketing of Upbeat.

For further information about the growth industries, economic development, business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg please contact:

Sandra Koletzki ​​​​​​ | sandra.koletzki(at)airport-region.de

(Source: CA Immo, 09|12|2023 | "Laying of the Foundation Stone for CA Immo´s Sustainable Office Tower in Berlin´s Europacity")

Interviews with the partners of our brand alliance.

Our brand alliance partners, experienced and long-standing players in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg, gave us short interviews in which they explained their views on the region's development potential and its locational advantages. They also gave us an insight into their future projects and plans.


Berlin: Gateway to the world

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is the heart of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg and its gateway to the world. Many companies consider the direct connections between economic markets and growth industries as significant success factors and location assets. With flights to over 130 destinations the international BER airport connects the capital region with cities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Not least it offers shorter flight times to Asian destinations compared to e.g. Paris and London.  

In addition to our flight route map, you will find a PDF list of all current flight connections.
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