Motivated specialists as a winning factor

The job market in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg benefits from an attractive and innovative catchment area with around six million inhabitants. 

  • Significant numbers of specialists and executives 
    Scientists, engineers, senior managers, graduates from 45 universities and institutes of higher learning, as well as more than 100 extramural research institutions
  • International and multilingual
    People from almost 190 nations live and work in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg. 94 % of Berlin residents speak one foreign language, 62 % speak two or more 
  • A science and research community unrivalled elsewhere in Germany
    The ideal breeding ground for the development of new ideas and the implementation of marketable profits, e.g. in Adlershof, the Aerospace Technology Centre in Wildau and many other technology and science parks 

You will find more information about our services in the area of human resources at the Berlin Business Location Center, on the website of the WFBB Job Market Services by the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation and in the Brandenburg Portal for Skilled Professionals.