Der städtebaulich-freiraumplanerische Entwurf für den „Königspark“ mit der hervorgehobenen grünen Landschaftsbrücke

City Council of Königs Wusterhausen makes fundamental decision regarding "Königspark"

On June 27, 2022, the City Council of the Brandenburg city of Königs Wusterhausen voted with a large majority for a decision in principle to develop the area known as “Königspark“ in the north of the city. DLE Land Development GmbH (DLE) is developing and planning the 560,000 square meter property, which is currently still covered by a development plan from 1993, which stipulated exclusively commercial use.

Following the decision in principle of June 27, 2022, DLE is to carry out a new urban development plan in close collaboration with the city of Königs Wusterhausen. The basic objective of the intended new planning is the urban development of the “Königsparks“ in the direction of a mixed-use quarter. The basis of the decision was a preliminary plan by DLE, which had already met with great approval in the Main Committee and in the Committee for Urban Development, Construction and Environment.

Agnes Petra Müller, Co-Head of Development of DLE: “This decision in principle is a milestone for us and for the development of the “Königsparks.” It also shows, that the urban development concept together with its mix of uses was able to convince the majority of the city council members. The new planning also gives the city the opportunity to respond to the region’s strong potential for growth and to define the framework conditions for needs-based and sustainable development.”

The plan before the City Council envisions a mix of residential and commercial uses in four heterogeneous quarters, which are functionally interconnected: a productive quarter, a community quarter, an urban quarter and an eco quarter. At the same time, an infrastructure is planned, which will make the “Königspark” a quarter with short distances. Thus, local supply options are provided, as are educational facilities, a fire station, community amenities and medical and physician services. Workplaces close to home and artisan yards complete the picture of a complete quarter.

In the development of “Königsparks,” DLE has a special focus on the aspects of ecological sustainability. A decentralized system of rainwater management enables the surface collection of all precipitation. Generously laid out park and recreational areas with a total area of 100,000 square meters preserve the near-natural character of the “Königsparks“ and bring ecological function and attractive open space design into harmony. A traffic concept which, in addition to mobility hubs and expansion of bus stops, also focuses on the revitalization of the “Funkerberg” bicycle lane and thus an improved connection to the train station, also takes into account in the planning suitable parking facilities for cargo bicycles, which are identified as a future mobility factor.

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