The picture shows two champagne bottles illuminated by special labels. This is achieved by a special semiconductor technology of a Berlin-based company.

Not only marketing gadget: paper-thin OLED lables

It’s the Blingbling of the day - luminating news out of Germany’s most vibrant technology centre, Technologiepark Adlershof: Inuru launched its first commercially available OLED product together with Champagne CATTIER and Packhelp.

Luminous Labels with NFC functionality

Paper-thin visual interfaces, applied to the bottles, create glamour and visibility at every party opening. Those lables are empowered by touch. But the so called ‘ELFs’ are not only designed for marketing opportunities, but for various use-cases, as for instance for medical products to warn about an expired shelf life or functional outdoor clothing to increase safety.

The future is made of light

Photonics, the scientific and economic use of light, and closely linked microsystems technology are among the most important key technologies of digitization. They are central innovation drivers for technological change in mobility, agriculture or medicine and at the same time provide end products in lighting, ophthalmic optics or scientific instrumentation.

The capital region of Berlin Brandenburg has become one of the world's most important locations for photonics and offers best conditions for concentrated research, development and production. Further, the highly developed research landscape in Berlin Brandenburg helps a lot as well as the highly diversified industrial sector and the high degree of networking between the players.

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