Image is an animated graphic of the Earth with a view from space, in the foreground is a satellite with colored lines to the Earth. This symbolizes the data exchange with the earth.

Successful launch of the Heinrich Hertz communications satellite

The German communications satellite Heinrich Hertz has been successfully launched into space. On board: the NEXT onboard processor from IQ Technologies for Earth and Space GmbH, based in the Adlershof Technology and Science Park. With its IQ spacecom division, the company develops high-performance radio communication solutions that enable flexible and highly efficient broadband data communication for small satellites.

Fifteen years in space

The mission now launched marks the first time IQ spacecom's technology has been used in geostationary orbit (36,000 km from Earth). The Heinrich Hertz satellite will spend 15 years in space testing new technologies for satellite-based communications in space. By incorporating an on-board processing unit, the satellite can handle a very large amount of data streams, opening up a wide range of possibilities for various experiments. For example, it will serve as a relay for LEO satellite constellations and provide 5G/6G mobile communications.

The mission, which is being carried out by the German Space Agency at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) with financial support from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and with significant participation by the German Federal Ministry of Defense, represents a significant milestone in the further development of German and European satellite capabilities.

Aerospace industry 

The capital region is one of Germany's top hub for aviation technology. Engine development and manufacturing, lightweight aircraft construction, aircraft maintenance and repair are the core competencies of the companies based here, which include global players such as Rolls Royce Deutschland, MTU Maintenance and Lufthansa.  

The region is not only the cradle of German aviation, but also a location with a future, providing innovative impetus through the development and deployment of unmanned aerial systems, the production of small satellites and the New Space sector. 

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Source: News Release "Successful launch of the Heinrich Hertz communications satellite", Wista Management GmbH, News "Adlershof Science at Work", July 06, 2023.