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Frank Focke (Tchoban Voss Architekten) stellt auf der Informationsveranstaltung im Rathaus Königs Wusterhausen die Planungen für den „Königspark“ vor
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The city of Königs Wusterhausen and DLE extended an invitation to an information event on the “Königspark”

In a joint information event with representatives of the city of Königs Wusterhausen, Deutsche Landentwicklung GmbH (DLE) informed the interested public on 09.15.2022 in the Königs Wusterhausen Town Hall about the status of the process and the first plans for the “Königspark” project development.

The area called “Königspark” in the north of the town of Königs Wusterhausen covers an area of about 56 hectares. The current underlying development plan provides for an exclusive commercial use, which could not be implemented until today. Based on its preliminary urban design, DLE proposes a mix of uses consisting of work, living and local supply stores. Space for urban, public and social infrastructure such as a new fire station, an educational campus with a school, kindergartens, medical care, shopping facilities and leisure areas is also to be created in the “Königspark”. Here, the DLE is basing the design on the model of the 15-minute city, which creates economic and ecological efficiency through the achievement of short distances.

For the development and planning of the “Königspark”, the DLE relies on early public participation and transparency in the process. Residents, civic interest groups as well as associations and clubs are involved in a series of information and participation events in order to inquire about the real needs for future uses. The information event on 09.15.2022 marked the start of this series.

On large display boards, DLE presented the individual elements of the preliminary design together with the respective specialist planners. During a “poster walk”, the citizens invited were given the opportunity to inform themselves and to contribute comments and suggestions in constructive discussion, which were subsequently noted down on the corresponding posters.

“With a project development of this magnitude, it is almost impossible to make plans without involving the public. Our common goal should be a functioning district that is prepared for future requirements. It is therefore essential to inquire about the needs of local residents. That is why we set up our own citizen participation process for the development of the “Königspark”, explains Agnes Petra Müller, Head of Conceptual Development and Communication at DLE.

Dr. Simon Kempf, CEO of DLE Group AG, adds: “Especially in the growth regions around Berlin, it is of great importance for building land and project developments to generate acceptance for projects among the population. That is why we are currently designing procedures and formats that enable citizens to follow the current status of planning in a transparent way and to get involved. When residents and expert planners engage in a constructive exchange about mobility concepts, urban development, sustainability concepts or infrastructure, it is a good signal for the project and the city of Königs Wusterhausen.”

Interested citizens from Königs Wusterhausen were invited to the information event on 09.15.2022. About 70 guests accepted the invitation. A live stream was also made available, which could be accessed on the website of the city of Königs Wusterhausen and was followed by around 100 viewers. During the live stream, viewers had the opportunity to submit questions and suggestions about the project development via email.

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