Affordable housing with approx. 600 apartments and a day-care centre planned for Adlershof

Visualization of the possible view, © Fuchshuber Architekten

Visualization of the possible view, © Fuchshuber Architekten

Since 2005, the property on Eisenhutweg 54-76 has been marketed as a commercial location, but due to the surrounding residential development has so far found no user for the 32,000 square foot commercial space between the Adlershof landscape park and the Stadtautobahn.

Now, the new property owner, the Berlin-based KW-Development GmbH, plans to build around 600 rental apartments with 1.5 to 5 rooms, which after the turnkey construction is expected to be sold to a municipal housing company. "We are currently in very constructive talks with degewo Köpenicker Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH, Adlershof Projekt GmbH, and the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing in order to complete the housing project as planned by 2022,” explains Jan Kretzschmar, owner and managing director of KW-Development.

In order to start construction work on the 600 apartments in 2019, construction rights for apartments are currently being procured as part of a project-related development plan procedure. At present, there are three different planning variants from the Fuchshuber Architekten office, each with around 34,000 square meters of living space, spread across 590 to 610 residential units, plus a daycare centre. Generous green spaces and open paths ensure a high quality of living and integration into the green surroundings.

The Johannisthal/Adlershof landscape park and the Teltow Canal are just a short walk away and a bus stops right outside. In addition, both the Adlershof Science Park - one of the city's largest commercial agglomerations - and the natural sciences faculties of the Humboldt University are in the immediate vicinity.

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