Air Campus Adlershof with German Aerospace Center as anchor tenant in 2nd construction phase

Visualization Air Campus Adlershof | © ID&A Immobilien GmbH

Visualization Air Campus Adlershof | © ID&A Immobilien GmbH

Since 2013, the Air Campus Adlershof project being realized by ID&A Immobilien GmbH has been shaping the Rudower Chaussee/Am Studio intersection. The fully leased first phase of construction offered five floors of office space and three retail units on the ground floor and will now be extended with the second- and third-phase construction.

The second phase of construction along Rudower Chaussee 7 was completed in spring 2019. The German Aerospace Center, which has been active in Adlershof for more than 25 years, has leased 2,000 m² The German Aerospace Center has leased 2,000 m² (21,500 sq. ft.) of office space at Air Campus Adlershof (all dimensions in gif), effective July 1, 2019, further reinforcing the naming of the campus.

One retail unit on the ground floor of the second construction phase is still available, although negotiations are underway with interested parties. Employees, students, and guests will now experience Rudower Chaussee in this area as a lively thoroughfare.

Construction is nearing completion on the third phase at Studio 26, for which leasing has recently launched. Studio 26 has five floors and three retail units on the ground floor, with approx. 4,700 m² (50,600 sq. ft.). These units also offer the option of renting office space with attractive features, including floor-to-ceiling aluminum windows, sun protection, underfloor convectors, and high-quality technical building equipment in the immediate vicinity of a busy S-Bahn station. Each of the upper floors 1 to 4 comprises approx. 816 m² (8,800 sq. ft.) with options for developing individual area concepts with flexible floor plans and finishes if leasing is arranged early. The fifth floor offers special panoramas over the technology park and about 640 m² (6,889 sq. ft.) of space. For optimum mobility, there are parking spaces for cars and bicycles in the underground car park that offer direct access to the three phases of the project.

Leasing is being handled H&T Grund und Boden Mitte GmbH, while ID&A Immobilien GmbH is responsible for the construction. Inquiries can be sent by email to

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