"Am Oktogon" in Berlin-Adlershof: Cornerstone laid for No. 6

Cornerstone laid for OfficeLab H2 © ART_Berlin Partner GmbH

Cornerstone laid for OfficeLab H2 © ART_Berlin Partner GmbH

Visualization: OfficeLab H2 © immobilien-experten-ag.

It was a sunny autumn's day when the foundation stone was laid for the new OfficeLab H2 office/production building at James-Franck-Straße 17 on the Am Oktogon campus in Berlin-Adlershof on September 26, 2018. The term OfficeLab indicates a future-oriented type of building that can combine modern offices with other highly specialized types of space to suit specific users. In the case of the OfficeLab H2, like its already-built neighbor H1, it will serve as offices connected to a highly functional production and service facility. The new building will have about 3,700 m² (39,000 sq. ft.), with 2,300 m² (25,000 sq. ft.) used as offices and the remainder used for production and service. It will be constructed almost identically to the neighboring and fully rented OfficeLab H1.

The top floor of the office building has already been leased to Geocon Software GmbH. Geocon develops software solutions for companies in the nursing and healthcare sectors, in particular, for personnel deployment planning. The hall areas and the office areas from the ground floor to the 2nd floor are still available.

For immobilien-experten-ag., this is already the third celebration this year at the Am Oktogon campus. After the cornerstone was laid for the B4 office/laboratory building on May 15, 2018, the shell was completed 2.5 months later. OfficeLab H2 is the sixth of 17 new buildings on the 55,000 m² (13.6 acre) site. More than 80,000 m² (860,000 sq. ft.) of rental space will be created on the campus for office, laboratory, production, service, and warehouse use.

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