BAUWERT marks topping-out for 171 apartments in Wildau

Photo: Dr. Jürgen Leibfried, Executive of the management board of BAUWERT AG, Marc Anders, Deputy Mayor of Wildau, Frank Kerber, CEO of Wildauer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft, © BAUWERT AG

Topping-out crown, © BAUWERT AG

Visualization, © BAUWERT AG

In the presence of more than 150 guests and those building the complex, BAUWERT marked the topping-out of its first residential building project in Wildau, Brandenburg. BAUWERT AG is currently building 112 rental and 59 condos as well as 14 townhouses. In addition to concentrating on inner-city neighborhood locations, the Berlin-based company is now also realizing construction projects just outside Berlin's borders. "The decision to build for the first time outside the gates of Berlin was based on the growing attractiveness of the residential areas, especially on the south-eastern outskirts of Berlin, and the increasing demand for housing in the surrounding communities," says Henning Hausmann, Head of Investment at BAUWERT. "We see an increasing need and a great demand for attractive living space, especially in the vicinity of local and regional train stations, because these areas offer a high quality of life at lower prices.

The urban infrastructure, a location on the banks of the river Dahme, a robust economy, and a steady influx of new residents also speak in Wildau's favor. With 130 companies from the aerospace industry and its university of applied sciences, Wildau has become one of the most important technology centers in Brandenburg. In addition, Wildau offers a number of active clubs and sports groups, schools and day-care centers, as well as attractive shopping and leisure options at the A10 Center.

With its red roofs and brick pilasters, Am Rosenanger follows local Brandenburg building traditions. Large windows, spacious balconies, and roof terraces as well as an underground car park with 150 parking spaces meet modern needs. Particular importance has been attached to generous outdoor facilities. Completion of the residential complex is scheduled for Autumn 2019. The buildings containing the 112 rental apartments has already been sold to a Swiss investor and leasing will begin in late spring 2019. The sale of the 59 condominiums is also getting underway and will be in full swing by the end of this year. And finally, construction of the 14 townhouses will begin in spring 2019. "Wildau is an extremely attractive location, so we want to get involved here with further new construction projects," says Hausmann. BAUWERT is investing a total of €58 million in the "Am Rosenanger" project.

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