© Visualization: Brain Box Berlin, Source: PROFI PARTNER AG

A modern commercial complex complete with landmark building, open courtyards and underground carpark is being developed on a vacant construction site on Eisenhutweg alongside the BAB 113 motorway. The premises will be characterised by “creative offices” which meet modern-day requirements as well as the employees’ interest in a good work-life balance. From 2020, after the completion of the first construction phase, the industrial park will provide an area of approximately 17,200 square metres for office units, research, development or small-scale production.

Two further construction phases will follow, creating gross floor areas of roughly 4,000 and 8,500 square metresrespectively. The layouts of the “creative offices” can be individually designed as single-user workplaces, co-working landscapes or open spaces, while the areas of the individual building components can be either interconnected or used separately. The ideal advance planning of the floors and their access ways as well as an adequate ceiling load capacity facilitate a high diversity of usage ranging from research and development to administration and prototype construction.

With a ceiling height of approximately 4 metres, the ground floors are suited for large-scale production. Delivery and dispatch can be effected both via Eisenhutweg and via the planned road connecting the commercial units to the motorway. All office space can be designed for the use as common space for teamwork as well as single rooms for focused work.

The BRAIN BOX’s architecture provides opportunities especially for start-ups to fully realise their professional goals – on premises that can be fashioned in such a way that administration, development as well as production or technical realisation can be combined under a single roof. A well-lit indoor atmosphere and the relaxing view on the surrounding courtyards’ green spaces make for a positive work environment. The workplace’s appeal is further enhanced by an integrated marketplace with canteens and shops, leafy recreational areas on the site, and a scheduled shuttle service to the train station. Thanks to the connection to the BAB 113 motorway and due to the fact that Schönefeld airport can be reached within minutes, the location proves ideal for companies and commercial developments. The Adlershof train station is only a few minutes away, ensuring a fast connection to the centre of Berlin.

BRAIN BOX was initiated by PROFI PARTNER AG and Albrecht Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH who have successfully developed property projects for 22 years. Their most recent project was the “Medienfenster” on Rudower Chaussee comprising a total of 153 student apartments and eleven commercial units.

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