Bulwiengesa Study: Airport boosts housing construction

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Interest in the housing market around the Berlin-Brandenburg (BER) airport is increasing. And in contrast to the opening of the BER, the development of the surrounding area is not far away: The airport is already contributing to strong development momentum.

Investors and consumers are becoming more interested in the housing market due to the effects of the airport and its proximity to the fast-growing capital. The impetus for the present study was the study on the office real estate market in the area surrounding BER. In it, the economic impulse of a potential 1.6 million square meters of new office space in a short time for the regional real estate market became clear. The focus in the region is not only on the industrial segment. The aim of this study is to highlight the prospects for living in the area surrounding BER and to put it more in the public spotlight.

All sponsors of the multi-client study have plots of land in the south of Berlin on both sides of the city boundary and are currently realizing construction of condos or rental housing. In addition to site conditions, socio-demographic and real estate economic parameters of 18 Brandenburg municipalities and cities as well as four Berlin districts were examined. The study can thus be an important building block for the work of the Joint State Planning of Berlin-Brandenburg. The study concludes with recommendations for the creation of new construction projects.

The study participants included: - Argon GmbH - Basis AG - Bauwert Aktiengesellschaft - Berlin-Schönefeld Projektentwicklungs- und Betreuungs GmbH - Bonava Deutschland GmbH - DIE Deutsche Immobilien Entwicklungs AG - EYEMAXX Real Estate AG - FBB GmbH - Groth Gruppe - GW-K Grundwert-Konzept GmbH - Reiß & Co. Real Estate München GmbH - Ed. Züblin AG.

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