coolback GmbH and Rhenus Group investing in Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten

Source: Gemeinde Hoppegarten

© Aerial view: Helicolor-Luftbild-Ost GmbH, Source: Gemeinde Hoppegarten

On an approx. 26,000 m² (280,000 sq. ft.) parcel, coolback GmbH is building over two phases an approx. 10,800 m² (116,000 sq. ft.) bakery making par-baked products. In the final stage, the operation will have a warehouse for materials, a production building with four lines, and four 60-ton flour silos, technical, office, and social space, and a deep-frozen bakery warehouse with loading area. Once the plant opens in 2018, 78 people will be employed here.

In 2016, Hoppegarten Park Property GmbH, which is part of the Rhenus Group, built a 20,000 m² (215,000 sq. ft.) retail logistics center for home deliveries and as a central warehouse for the region. For 2017-2018, HPP is now planning to build another 13,400 m² (144,000 sq. ft.) logistics hall which will employ 40 people when completed.


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