Elster-Werkstätten builds new production hall in Ludwigsfelde's Industrial Park West

Construction of the production hall | © IPG GmbH

Construction of the production hall | © IPG GmbH

The future production hall of Elster-Werkstätten gGmbH is rising proudly at the entrance to the Industrial Park West in Ludwigsfelde. The non-profit organization is expanding its current home and investing €3.5 million in the project, which Managing Director Dr Frank Hamann expects to be completed by the end of 2019.

With 3,200 m² (34,500 sq. ft.) of production space and 300 m² (3,229 sq. ft.) of social space, the new production hall will be almost twice as large as the previous building. Once finished, the second building will complete the development of the 18,249 m² (4.5 acre) site.

Previously, the organization had 20 employees leading 52 factory employees, but the new workshop building will allow 25 employees to look after a total of 75 colleagues. The Elster-Werkstätten are a non-profit organization with a total of 1,280 employees. It operates in the state of Brandenburg under the umbrella of the Stiftung Elsterwerk. The facilities enable people with different disabilities to participate in working life and community life. People with and without disabilities support colleagues with different degrees of disability.

The workshops produce high-quality industrial products, with metalworking dominating in Ludwigsfelde. They also work with high-pressure water jet and laser technology. In the Ludwigsfelde plant, the production range extends from small orders for private individuals to delivieries to larger companies in the neighboring Industrial Park East, such as Gestamp or Mercedes.

For Mercedes the Elster workshops produce small quantities of special Sprinter parts that are required only for export to the USA.

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