Steinbach: “Airport region boom growing ever stronger”

© Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie (MWAE)

Photo of the BB Business Hub construction site © Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie (MWAE)

“The Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg is increasingly developing into a booming location for research and development, ideas and innovations, company relocations, and new beginnings. Alpine Finanz Bau GmbH is helping with this process as a provider of high-quality office space in Schönefeld. The company’s current project creates good conditions for further companies to relocate here.” Minister of Economic Affairs Jörg Steinbach said this today at the virtual laying of the foundation stone for another office complex at the new BB Business Hub in Schönefeld.

Alpine Finanz Bau has had its headquarters in Schönefeld since 1990 and is the owner of the office buildings at Mittelstraße 5 and 7. Today the company laid the foundation stone for another office building at Mittelstraße 3. The three buildings offer a total of 35,000 m² of office space in the immediate vicinity of Terminal 5.

“The Berlin Brandenburg Airport Region is developing very well, despite the delay in the airport’s opening. Since 2013, a total of 870 company relocation and expansion projects have taken place here, adding more than 39,000 new jobs to the local economy. This makes the airport region the top destination for company relocations in Brandenburg,” Steinbach explained during the virtual event. He is convinced that now the airport has opened, there will be another boom that will have an economic impact far beyond Schönefeld to all of Brandenburg and Berlin. Steinbach: “This will be ensured by the trans-European transport corridors to which BER is connected.”

The minister emphasized that the optimal mix of location and proximity to the airport region is unbeatable across Europe. “The proximity to Central and Eastern European as well as Asian growth markets, the location as a hub of the most important east-west and north-south axes in Europe, the spirit of Berlin with its creativity and cosmopolitanism, plus a strong research landscape, start-ups, and future technologies, highly attractive commercial spaces, and transport infrastructure in the immediate vicinity as well as the new economic revival in nearby Lusatia all represent a huge opportunity,” Steinbach said. He assumes that “the existing office space around Schönefeld will not be sufficient to meet future demand.” In the near future, additional areas will have to be developed.

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