HOWOGE constructing 20-building complex in Berlin-Johannisthal

HOWOGE_Richtfest-Johannisgaerten_001 | © HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH

HOWOGE_Richtfest-Johannisgaerten_001 | © HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH

Johannishoefe_Rendering2_c_roedig_schop_architekten_PartG_mbB  © HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH

Johannishoefe_Rendering2_c_roedig_schop_architekten_PartG_mbB © HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH

Together with the Katrin Lompscher, Senator for Urban Development and Housing, Oliver Igel, mayor of the Treptow-Köpenick district, and all those involved in the project, a topping-out ceremony for the Johannisgärten project in Berlin's Johannisthal neighborhood was held today. HOWOGE is building 314 apartments, a large day care center, and a parking garage for residents on a 2.6 ha (6.4 acre) site on Straße am Flugplatz. According to the cooperation agreement with the State of Berlin, 156 of the flats will be rented as subsidized housing, while the remaining units will have rents of less than €10 per m² (€1 per sq. ft.) on average. "The special thing about this project is that we included neighbors in the planning during the design phase for the new building project," says Ulrich Schiller, Managing Director of HOWOGE. "The resulting designs are clearly better thanks to this participation process. We are now creating a neighborhood here with a comprehensive, sustainable urban planning concept that has been consistently developed in line with the social identity of the neighborhood."

Comprehensive urban planning concept
On the former site of Berlin Chemie, on the edge of the Johannisthal Park, B&O Gebäudetechnik GmbH & Co. KG is building 20 freestanding buildings grouped around five courtyards to plans created by roedig. schop architekten PartG mbB. The site is also being designed for use as shared space, with footpaths and bike trails crossing the car-free site, connecting it to the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, there will be playgrounds, benches, and common areas, commercial space, a day care for children with 25 spots, innovative flats, a DHL shipping store, and a parking garage with 119 parking spaces. "The current topping-out ceremony for 314 apartments is good news for people looking for an apartment within the booming Adlershof technology and science center. With this construction project, HOWOGE has been a good partner in helping add affordable housing to the neighborhood with rents based on occupancy. At the same time as the other municipal development companies, it has been a reliable partner with the Senate in expanding the urgently needed supply of good, affordable housing in Berlin," says Katrin Lompscher.

The individual buildings vary in height between two and five stories, creating a smooth transition to the adjacent buildings. The graduated heights of the buildings from lower at the edges to the denser center of the complex is an adaptation in response to the adjacent single-family homes. The buildings are being built using two different construction methods: six in an environmentally-friendly hybrid wood construction, 13 in masonry, and one as a combination of both. Construction is currently expected to be complete by the summer of 2021. "Treptow-Köpenick is a growing district. The state-owned housing companies are particularly important when it comes to building attractive apartments at affordable rents," confirms Oliver Igel. "Because that is what many Berliners need, both older people as well as young families. And it is precisely this mixture that makes living in a community like this attractive, lively, and less anonymous. That's why I'm delighted that HOWOGE is creating these 20 new buildings here in the Johannisgärten.

" Mobility and energy concept In addition to the affordable rents and the urban planning concept, the Johannisgärten complex is also characterized by state-of-the-art energy-saving technologies and construction in accordance with the KfW Efficiency House 55 standard. A total of six buildings will each contain a rooftop photo-voltaic system to produce affordable, CO?-free electricity for their residents. Electricity prices will be around three cents per kilowatt-hour below the comparable market rates and thus make a tangible contribution to more affordable rents. In the apartments themselves, decentralized systems will provide heating and hot water. The CO? savings here will result mainly from lower system temperatures. The water will not be heated to the usual 60°C (140°F), but only to 45°C (113°F) and only on demand. This will lead to a 30% savings in energy costs. In addition, the Johannisgärten will feature HOWOGE's first neighborhood parking garage, with space for 119 cars and electric vehicles. There are also plans to establish a neighborhood car-sharing service.

HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH is one of the six municipal housing companies in the state of Berlin. With its own housing stock of around 61,000 apartments, the company is one of the ten largest landlords in Germany. By 2026, HOWOGE intends to expand its residential portfolio to 75,200 apartments through acquisition and new construction.

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