Landmark in Schönefeld - Alpine Finanz acquires land on Mittelstrasse 7

© Source: Ralf zur Brügge, RzB Luftbildservice

© View from West on the B96a / Mittelstrasse / Kurzer Weg, source: HPP Architekten

Alpine Finanz Bau GmbH has acquired the property on Mittelstrasse 7 in Schönefeld with a six-floor office building which was built in 1994 comprising approximately 5,600 square metres of office and storage space in addition to an underground car park. Three quarters of the property is rented.

"We are counting on the perspectives offered by the location on the B96a in Schönefeld. On the corner of Mittelstrasse and Kurzer Weg we plan to extend the building complex of the Schönefeld Airport Centre with a new building," says Managing director Uwe P. Tietz.

By 2020, the new address for tenants should be ready for occupancy. "In a building design tender process, we unanimously voted for the design by HPP Architekten GmbH as our favourite. Along the already important traffic artery, the new office building with 12,000 square metres of floor space will fit into the cityscape of Schönefeld."

The extension is being built on the property of Alpine Finanz to the west of the Schönefeld Airport Centre. The Schönefeld municipality has approved the construction project.

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