Mennekes opens Berlin office at EUREF in presence of Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel


On Thursday, September 28, 2018, Mennekes, the world's leading producer of CEE connectors, opened its Berlin office, training center, and showroom on the EUREF Campus in the presence of German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.

The ceremony took place at the Water Tower Audimax on the EUREF Campus as part of a symposium entitled "10 Years of Electric Mobility: The Future is Now."

At the event, Chancellor Merkel said, "Ten years ago, electric mobility was very much still only a vision for the future. It has gradually come closer to being a reality. That's why the motto of this symposium is so wonderful: 'The Future is Now.' I find this an interesting example of how one needs to set long-term goals in a free economy committed to social responsibility. Simply hoping that something will somehow happen no longer works."

After the talks given by CEO Walter Mennekes and Professor Günther Schuh, there was a panel discussion attended by some 200 participants and the presentation of innovative eMobility solutions such as Emily, a self-driving shuttle, Mennekes' eMobility payment solution, Chargecloud for managing charging infrastructure, and Nextmove, a provider of sustainable mobility.

Closing remarks by Chancellor Merkel: "I think we've made quite good progress. I want to thank everyone who has put their hearts into this work. You also have to have passion and believe in further progress. Therefore carry on. What you are working on is a very important part of Germany's future and its opportunities for creating value."

In 2014, the Mennekes company developed a standard electrical charging plug and set standards for the industry. The original target of a million electric cars on our roads by 2020 will not be reached, but as the chancellor noted, progress is being made to meeting the goal just two years later. From Mennekes' point of view, too, the current pace may not even be a disadvantage. After all, its production capacity is limited compared to that of major corporations. The world's leading provider of CEE plugs has consistently expanded its e-mobility products, which now account for about 30% of its sales. Mennekes offers a wide range of products to support e-mobility, including charging plugs, wall-mounted charging boxes and charging columns, and software for professional management of charging infrastructure.

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