Demand continues unabated: Expansion of the “Wohnen am Park” development in Schönefeld

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Visualization "Stadthäuser am Park" in Schönefeld, Germany © Bonava

Bonava plans an additional construction site with 90 condominiums. The anticipated construction schedule is set for 2021 to 2023.

Project developer Bonava is starting construction of the next phase of its “Wohnen am Park” development at the site of the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport, Schönefeld. Starting next year, another 90 condominiums will be built on an approximately 13,000-square-meter site on Alfred-Döblin-Allee.

The new phase includes a total of 8 apartment buildings, each with three floors plus a mezzanine level. The apartment mix is primarily geared toward families with numerous 3- and 4-room apartments, but also offers 2-room and even some 5-room apartments. The living areas vary accordingly between 54 and 146 square meters. Each apartment will also have a terrace with access to the garden, a balcony, or a generous rooftop terrace. Elevators will ensure that all levels are accessible. A central underground parking garage beneath the planned facility will create space for 40 cars. An additional 69 parking spaces will also be provided in the area around the buildings.

Due to the tremendous success of the ‘Stadthäuser am Park’ development directly opposite, we will continue the popular architectural concept here as well. The building applications have already been submitted so that we will probably be able to start work next spring. Everything will be ready by late 2023,” says Bonava project manager Rainer Buckenauer.

Bonava is building a total of around 1,000 apartments and houses along Bayangolpark in Neu-Schönefeld. Of these, 513 are currently completed and 260 are under construction. In addition to the condominiums now unveiled, work is already underway on two additional construction phases with a total of 120 rental apartments that will be ready for occupancy by summer 2022. The Bewag pension fund will be responsible for renting it out.

Schönefeld has developed into a very popular residential location independently of the airport. Since we broke ground about six years ago, the number of interested parties has skyrocketed and there’s no end in sight. All of the completed rental apartments and condominiums have long since been taken, but demand continues unabated,” reports Rainer Buckenauer.

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