New investor for Industriepark 4.0 Eichspitze Ludwigsfelde: Pektas GbR

As the city's developer for the urban development project "An der Eichspitze" in Ludwigsfelde, IPG has acquired the right to build on the first 43 hectare parcel and has begun work. As part of its marketing activities, IPG was able to sell the first round of lots to builders quickly. In addition to the sites that can be improved with industrial buildings of up to 25 metres in height, the campus also includes areas that are crossed by three high-voltage power lines where no construction is allowed. Since a relocation or raising up of the masts is out of the question for financial, spatial, and timing reasons, a use requiring a large area and minimal height had to be identified.

With Pektas GbR, IPG has found the right user for this parcel. The company will build a processing centre for used cars on the 4.5 ha site, where each day up to 50 premium-segment vehicles will be processed and prepared for resale in Berlin. In addition to the exterior and interior cleaning, minor cosmetic repairs are made before the vehicles are ready for their partially automated photo shoot. They will then be sold by IPG on its own online platform.

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