Schönefeld: Keys handed over for the first of 2,000 new apartments

Photographer: Christoph Schöning, © Bonava Deutschland GmbH

Photographer: Christoph Schöning, © Bonava Deutschland GmbH

Hardly any other town in Brandenburg is changing as quickly as Schönefeld, the site of the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport. The construction cranes now dot a landscape where the views have long been across extensive meadows and fields. Around 2,000 new apartments are to be built in Schönefeld center. About half of them are being built by German-Swedish project developer Bonava (formerly NCC) in record time. After just 16 months' construction, the very first 96 rental apartments at Bayangol Park were handed over punctually at the end of 2017.

"For the town of Schönefeld, this is a real milestone, because we will now begin to see movement in our housing market. We will be creating housing for hundreds of new families in the years to come. The demand is already great. 69 of the 95 apartments in the first section to open have already been leased," says Michael Geis, project manager for Bonava.

Schönefeld Mayor Dr. Udo Haase is also confident of his town's attractiveness to new residents, expecting up to 20,000 people to move to Schönefeld in the coming years. The apartments in downtown Schönefeld are just the beginning of a completely new residential area around Bayangol Park. On a total area of some 115,000 m² (28.4 acres) along Bertolt-Brecht-Allee, Bonava will build around 1,000 apartments in the coming years.

In addition to the first apartments now ready for occupation, work on a second section of 48 condominiums is also in the final stages. A further 112 rental apartments are also being built in the directly adjacent construction site and will be completed by the end of 2018 at the latest. Preparations are also already underway for a fourth site with 152 additional rental apartments. These too should be ready for occupancy by 2019. A subdivision with townhomes across the street is already largely completed today.

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