SEM GmbH Schaltschrankbau establishes business premises in Adlershof

Drawing of the new plant, © Richter Jacobs Architekten

© Richter Jacobs Architekten

SEM GmbH Schaltschrankbau has begun work on its business premises (approx. 1,500 square meters gross floor area). The completion of the planned office building with an adjoining workshop and relocation from the current location in Berlin-Kaulsdorf with around 25 employees is targeted for as early as the end of 2020.

Founded in 1994, SEM GmbH Schaltschrankbau develops and manufactures electric controls, electricity distribution systems, and measurement and control technology. It also provides services related to energy and automation technologies.

SEM GmbH Schaltschrankbau develops, plans, and manufactures:

  • Electrical power distribution systems for main distribution boards before the meter
  • Main building distributor up to 6,000 A according to IEC 61439
  • Low voltage distribution systems
  • Control and building automation
  • Digital and analog electronics for measurement data logging
  • Photovoltaic control and power distribution systems
  • Assembly production as well as process automation and control systems

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