SPITZKE inaugurates new training center at GVZ Großbeeren

SPITZKE CFO Torsten Völker, State Secretary Thomas Drescher, Mayor Tobias Borstel and Spitzke CEO Waldemar Münich (from left) inaugurate the new training and administration centre at GVZ Großbeeren, © IPG Potsdam mbH

Railway infrastructure company SPITZKE inaugurated its new training center and an additional administration building at its headquarters in GVZ Großbeeren, a logistics center south of Berlin, on June 7, 2018. Its subsidiary SPITZKE Akademie für Aus- und Weiterbildung AG will be training skilled workers for the company's future at the Großbeeren site.

"We've doubled the number of our staff over the past ten years to 2000," said Waldemar Münich, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SPITZKE SE. One of the leading companies for railway infrastructure in Germany and Europe, SPITZKE will be offering most of its future training opportunities in Großbeeren. The company will train 150 apprentices in 13 occupations and provide further training to employees, lateral entrants, and experts working in railway infrastructure at the 2500 m² (27,000 sq. ft.) facility.

To mark the grand opening, Münich welcomed the State Secretary of the Brandenburg Ministry of Education, Dr. Thomas Drescher, the new mayor of Großbeeren, Tobias Borstel, and 300 guests from politics, business, associations, educational institutions, and staff.

Thomas Drescher, State Secretary in the Brandenburg Ministry of Education, sees the SPITZKE academy as a good example of the dual education system being copied in many other countries. It is also an opportunity to address the shortage of well-trained skilled workers. "We want students to get a taste of practical experience as early as possible," he said. For this reason, the state wants to promote vocational orientation already at the grade school level.

"One of the most pressing problems for companies in the GVZ is securing enough skilled workers. With this investment, SPITZKE SE is setting an example," says Rüdiger Hage, Managing Director of IPG, the company that is developing and marketing the logistics center on behalf of the municipality of Großbeeren.

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