Successfully settled in: IT giant Cisco brings innovation centre to Berlin

2015 will see the technology giant from San Francisco – along with its think tank for the “Internet of Everything” – move into the Gasometer, one of four event locations on the Euref Campus in Schöneberg. The plan is for ideas, developments and solutions for the Internet of Everything (IoE) to be driven forward and brought to life as prototypes in the "openBerlin Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Center". Cisco is likely to invest close to USD 30 million in Berlin. The concept for the locations is new: it's not just Cisco's own engineers and developers; customers, industry partners, scientists and start-ups are also invited to help accelerate the search for new solutions for Industry 4.0, for example. “Along with the other Innovation Center locations, Berlin will have a worldwide responsibility in terms of production, transport and logistics,” stresses Dr Bernd Heinrichs, who particularly values the innovation, infrastructure and draw that this city has for the greatest minds in the IT industry.