Technical control centre at BER successfully put into operation

Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, CEO of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, visit the new technical control centre at Airport BER, © dpa

Operations at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport control centre have successfully begun. As of 1st March, all technical processes (media supply and disposal, power supply, IT) for the infrastructure of both existing airports Schönefeld and Tegel and the future main airport BER will be centrally controlled from here.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, Chief Executive Officer of Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: "Moving all the systems to one place is an important step towards opening BER in October 2020. The control centre controls the processes of all vital systems and IT facilities, necessary for the operation of the entire airport infrastructure. Disturbances in the technical systems can be recognised faster in the new control centre and can therefore be resolved more efficiently."

The new technical control centre is located in the Fire Station West, in close proximity to the southern runway of Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The control room is equipped with three walls of monitors with a total area of 20m2. From here, all technical processes from Schönefeld and Tegel airports, and later BER, can be observed. In total, the control centre employs 20 employees, available every day, around the clock.

As operator of the central IT infrastructure, the "information and communication technology" division supports the airport operations and the passenger processes through the airport-based information and technical systems. Users include all partners involved in the processes, such as airlines, public authorities, ground handling operators, security companies and other users of airport facilities, such as retail and hospitality, and telecommunication companies.

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