Theodor-Fontane-Höfe topping-out ceremony in Neu-Schönefeld

Photo: (f.l.t.r.) Oliver Meißner, Ed. Züblin; Matthias Klussmann, Becker & Kries; Tina Fischer, MdL (Member of the State Assembly); Dr. Udo Haase, Mayor of Schönefeld; Norbert Schulze, Foreman; Christian Görke, Minister of Finance of the State of Brandenburg, Stephan Loge, District Administrator of the district of Dahme Spreewald; Sven Blumers, Blumers Architekten; Hans-Peter Werner, © DIE AG

With an investment volume of around 70 million euros, the DIE Deutsche Immobilien Entwicklungs AG is building twelve four-story multi-family dwellings with more than 330 modern apartments for the Becker & Kries Group.

In the presence of the Minister of Finance of the State of Brandenburg, Christian Görke, the district administrator of the district of Dahme-Spreewald, Stephan Loge, as well as the mayor of the municipality of Schönefeld, Dr. med. Udo Haase, the Becker & Kries group of companies as investor and future owner, DIE AG as project developer, the planners Blumers Architekten, as well as the general contractor Ed. Züblin AG celebrated the topping-out ceremony for the Theodor-Fontane-Höfe in Neu-Schönefeld today.

Hans-Peter Werner, head of project development at DIE AG, emphasizes: “Our holistic approach of integrating the construction companies with the architects in the initial phase allows for efficient planning and execution, while at the same time offering a creative and functional diversity in our residential and commercial buildings. This collaboration leads to cost transparency, price certainty, and schedule compliance.”

As a representative of the State of Brandenburg, the Minister of Finance, Christian Görke, welcomes the fact that the Schönefeld Airport community is creating visible facts: “Neu-Schönefeld is a hotspot in the State of Brandenburg, where modern and future-proof jobs are being created around the capital’s Willy Brandt airport. In the community of Schönefeld, working, residing, and living will be possible together - to this end, the community has taken precautions, which can only be congratulated. Once again, it becomes clear that Schönefeld Airport is becoming an important beacon of our economic development.”

For Stephan Loge, District Administrator of the district of Dahme Spreewald, the topping-out ceremony is “another signal for the outstanding future prospects of the region around the BER airport. In a decade, the airport will employ more than 50,000 people. And many of them want to live here in this modern and urban setting.”

Dr. Udo Haase, mayor of Schönefeld, has a clear picture of the future of Neu-Schönefeld: “Soon 35,000 people will live and work here. With just about 15,000 apartments and 500,000 square meters of commercial space for offices, restaurants, retail, hotels, and local services, a new day care center with cafeteria and roof top playground, a three-grade academic high school, and another athletic center, a beautiful playground, and an event hall with up to 4,000 seats, a new city is arising in our community!” said Haase.

Sven Blumers from Blumers Architekten: “We were led by the idea of creating a living environment with great recognition value. The facades vary in material and color from one courtyard to the next and the same applies to the three garden courtyards, each of which has its own design identity.”

Matthias Klussmann, CEO and Managing Director within the Becker & Kries Group: “As a company with a family foundation as a shareholder, Becker & Kries has stood for solidity and sustainability for 70 years. We are therefore particularly pleased that we have committed ourselves to this high-profile location at the right time and are offering attractive and well-furnished rental apartments in Neu-Schönefeld starting in 2019 for approximately 1,000 Berlin and Brandenburg residents.”

The Theodor-Fontane-Höfe is a project of Deutsche Immobilien Entwicklungs AG (DIE AG), which is being taken over by the Becker & Kries Group on a turnkey basis. They are being developed in the poet district of Neu-Schönefeld at the corner of Theodor-Fontane-Allee and Rudower Chaussee. The residential types with standardized, user-oriented floor plans and optimal interior furnishings, and modern design with energy-efficient construction offer an excellent quality of living.

The project includes participation by DIE Theodor-Fontane-Höfe GmbH & Co. KG as building owner, DIE Deutsche Immobilien Entwicklungs AG as project developer, and the Becker & Kries group of companies as investor and future owner. Blumers Architekten are responsible for the design of the plan. The Ed. Züblin AG, North Office – Brandenburg, is responsible as a general contractor for the turnkey construction of Theodor-Fontane-Höfe. Planned date of completion is August 2019.

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