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Kolb+Partner launches THE UNIQUE at BER Airport

The building permit for the next major project of Kolb+Partner in Berlin was received as of February 2021. Under the motto “Green Working & Living,” the Dieburg-based project developer will realize the innovative office building The Unique at the BER Airport, which includes an architecturally connected aparthotel with 159 serviced apartments. The new building is part of the overall development on the 95,000 m² site of the Gatelands business park Kienberg, a neighborhood development by OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH and the Kolb+Partner group of companies.

The striking seven-story building ensemble with a total GFA of 19,500 m² has excellent transport links. Construction was already under way in March 2021. The Unique offers modern, flexible office space with a high quality of stay, combined with green recreation zones both inside and outside the new building. The office building has a total of 8,500 m² of leasable space. A team from Kolb+Partner is developing the ambitious project as Unique Invest GmbH & Co KG. Leading the team are Dipl.-Kaufmann Peter Kolb, managing director of Kolb+Partner, Jasmin Samiri, commercial project management Kolb+Partner, and Dr. Peter Neumann, Plateau Red GmbH, technical project management. The building complex, designed with high sustainability standards, will be built on a 5,000 m² site. For the aparthotel, ipartment GmbH has signed a long-term lease agreement. Leasing activities for the office space have already begun. Its opening is planned for early 2023.

Innovative office worlds, integrative concept
The Unique building concept offers variable floor plans that can be designed according to requirements and allows a mix of different office and usage types. In addition, the new building features a spacious lobby with an open gallery and light-filled spaces with expansive views of the greenery. “We want a high quality of stay for future tenants and employees. This requires different types of spaces that are thoughtfully designed and can be changed or altered as needed by the user. In this respect, we think more in terms of areas than classic office spaces. For example, we offer mobile think-tank spaces and suitable seating for temporary work, even in outdoor areas. The best high-tech standards everywhere, especially high-speed Wi-Fi in outdoor areas, are a given. For us, the office concept also includes sports and recreation options in the outdoor areas,” says Jasmin Samiri (Kolb+Partner), explaining the development concept, which includes the bookable serviced apartments in the neighboring building as well as modern art in and on the properties, green building technology, and individual tenant support, for example for creating a hygiene concept in the age of COVID-19.

“Green Living & Working”
“Green” plays a central role in the overall concept of the new buildings. Within the scope of a targeted DGNB certification in gold, the team from Kolb+Partner relied on sustainable materials, such as for the high-quality natural stone facade, and environmentally friendly energy generation. For example, the office building is supplied by air-source heat pumps on the roof, while the serviced apartment building is powered by a combined heat and power plant. In addition, the development area at BER is located in the middle of extensive green spaces with a high recreational factor. The green oasis outside is mirrored by open courtyards and outdoor facilities with a plant concept and an herb garden (urban gardening). Additional offerings for green mobility include car-sharing and charging stations for electric cars/bicycles. The project is also unique because of the special combination of business and living, landscape and urbanity, and economy and sustainability. “People and their activities are the focus here. Our goal was to define very concretely a way of life that is clearly a future trend. What do green living, business, and work mean? The Unique ties these aspects together and the Gatelands offers the opportunity to create a whole new green urbanity,” explains Jasmin Samiri, Unique Invest project manager.

Growing location with international connections
As an office location, The Unique benefits from its immediate proximity to the international airport BER and the Waltersdorf triangle at the A113, A10, and A117, which offer connections in all directions. Via the “Gatelands” bus stop and the nearby DB transport center, long-distance travel, short trips, or travel to the city center of Berlin are possible at any time. Peter Kolb, who has accompanied and developed the site at BER since 1999, is thrilled that another one of his projects can be built in the Gatelands: “With the now completed BER airport, the future Tesla Gigafactory, the Gatelands, and many other projects, the development history of this extraordinary location is carried on. The Gatelands will grow together into a vibrant campus open to anyone who wants to visit, whether they’re businesspeople, residents, or tourists.

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