»In addition to global players, start-ups likewise find an optimal growth environment, offering a well-trained pool of talents in addition to a modern communication structure.«

Michael Weidtmann, Managing Director, Alfons & alfreda Advisors GmbH

What are your business plans for the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg?

In the immediate vicinity of the airport, we are developing a future-oriented commercial campus that allows a perfect work-life balance with opportunities for both modern work and recreation. The four planned building structures form a protective frame around the generously landscaped central square, which rounds off the enormous quality of stay on the entire campus. The communicative areas are complemented by workspaces with WiredScore Platinum-certified connectivity. In combination with the world-class infrastructure, this creates an ideal location for innovative companies. The envisaged DGNB Platinum certification underlines the overall sustainability concept of the project.

What would you like to see for the development of the region?

The development that has taken place around the commercial site at the new capital airport in recent years is excellent. The site has experienced a boost thanks to the opening of BER Airport. I expect that the ever-increasing interest in this location will continue to drive the innovative growth of the region. In doing so, we strive to become a pioneer in ESG and well-being which will ideally inspire other projects.

Have you noticed an increased interest in your location or your project since the opening of BER airport? 

The boom of Berlin’s office market is still ongoing, leading to substantial jumps in price for new leases. The excellent transport infrastructure to the city and the proximity to one of the largest airports in Europe, make the location an ideal alternative for many companies. The positive interest in this location is, of course, further enhanced by the high and sustainable quality of the new campus and the attractive trade tax rate. In particular, large national and international companies are becoming aware of this exciting region but younger companies are also recognizing the region’s prospects.

Which companies or industries do you think would benefit the most from locating in the Airport Region and why?

In my opinion, the advantages of the location are not limited to individual companies or industries; any innovative company benefits from the excellent environment. The combination of the immediate proximity to the capital, its economic and political relevance, and the direct connection to the most important business locations in Europe and the world particularly favor internationally oriented companies and make the location appealing for large corporations. In addition to global players, start-ups likewise find an optimal growth environment, offering a well-trained pool of talents in addition to a modern communication structure.

If you had one sentence only to convince a potential investor of the Airport Region’s advantages as a business location, what would you say?

The high level of sustainability and innovation, coupled with excellent infrastructure, the high-quality new buildings, and a strongly prospering environment with attractive pricing make the Airport Region an unparalleled investment location.

We would like to thank Michael Weidtmann for the interview!

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