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Issue 10/2023 | Ideas wanted: New neighborhood at BER takes shape!

Schoenefeld, October 4, 2023

"First we design our buildings, then they design us." - Winston Churchill

Dear readers,

these impressive words by Winston Churchill illustrate the close connection between our surroundings and our own well-being. Real estate is more than mere structures; it is the backdrop for our lives, our dreams and our (social) developments.

On Expo Real in Munich, one of the world's most renowned real estate trade fairs and starting today, experts, investors and innovators will come together to discuss the latest trends and developments in the real estate industry. The trade fair offers a unique platform to present groundbreaking projects and exchange innovative ideas. From sustainable building projects to visionary concepts for urban development - the trade fair impressively demonstrates how the real estate industry is actively involved in shaping our future.

A central focus of Expo Real is on sustainable real estate management. At a time when environmental awareness and ecological responsibility are becoming increasingly important, it is encouraging to see how the industry is increasingly focusing on green solutions. This is evident not only in energy efficiency and ecological certificates, but also in the creation of livable, green spaces for all of us.

At the exhibition and in this issue of our newsletter, you will see and read how this formative process is being driven forward with vision, creativity and commitment to create a vibrant and sustainable future. We are particularly excited about the marketing launch of the airport future quarter HORIZN BER City, which will be an outstanding example of this.

As always, you can read more success stories from the growth sectors of the German capital region on our website.

Best regards,

Your team from the

Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg


Image showing a hand in medical gloves. A human silhouette is blurred in the background. Above it hovers the animation of a human kidney. Data and diagrams appear very finely around it, which make allegorical statements about this kidney.
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