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The future is light

With a history going back 200 years in optical technology, its strong scientific foundation and the high number of specialized companies, the capital region is one of Europe’s leading locations in optics, photonics and microsystem technology.

In its role as an interface between various technologies, the region often forms the basis for innovative products and services, e.g. in medical and sensory technology or energy and communication technology.

Industry focuses

laser technology, light technology, communications and sensor technology, optical analysis, biomedical optics, microsystems technology


Key Player

Berliner Glas, First Sensor AG, HACH LANGE, HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie, OSRAM, Selux AG, Rathenower Optik - Fielmann AG, SMI SensoMotoric Instruments, LMI Technologies GmbH (selection)


Number of companies

ca. 1.452*


Number of employees

ca. 18.799*


Selection of regional networks/associations

OpTec-Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e.V., Photonics and Optoelectronics Network PHOENIX, LVBB Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (Auswahl)


* Sources:

innoBB 2025, Annual Report 2020

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