Warehouse staff

International. Motivated. Specialised.

The labor market in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg benefits from an attractive and innovative catchment area which is home to around six million people.

Talent from all over the world is drawn to the region, boasting the highest number of academics in Germany.

Next generation guaranteed

245,400 students study at the universities in Brandenburg and Berlin, representing the next generation of skilled workers in almost every specialization – especially engineering and natural science.


International and multilingual

People from almost 190 nations live and work in Berlin and Brandenburg. 94% of Berlin residents speak a foreign language, while 62% speak two or more.


Teaming with specialists and executives

Scientists, engineers, executives and graduates of 45 higher education institutes and more than 100 extramural research institutions


Scientists in the lab
[Translate to Englisch:] Hochhäuser am Potsdamer Platz, © frank_peters - shutterstock.com
Woman in canoe, © istock/Vasyl Dolmatov