The BER Airport operator, project developers, boroughs and municipalities are partners of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg brand alliance. The “Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg” label stands for a broad and varied range of excellently developed, premium premises for industry and trade with the lowest rate of business tax like nowhere else in Germany, as well as ideal transport links in the direct and extended vicinity of BER Airport.

Berlin is the third largest airport location in Germany. With the opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) in October 2020, the entire air traffic of the German capital region is being concentrated in Schönefeld. In order to provide sufficient air traffic capacity in the coming decades, the airport operator Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH has developed a master plan for the demand-oriented expansion of the new site, which includes the development of additional terminals at BER.

Project developers

Adlershof Technology Park is one of the world's 15 largest science parks and is the most important scientific research, business and media sites in Berlin-Brandenburg. Located close to Berlin’s international airport BER, it comprises ten extra-university research institutes, six institutes of the Humboldt University and more than 1,000 businesses and organisations, all spread across an area of 4.2 square kilometres.

ALPINE FINANZ Berlin forms part of the ALPINE FINANZ Group and is offering premises for sale or lease at the location of Berlin's international airport BER. The sites that ALPINE FINANZ Berlin has available are situated to the North of the airport itself, less than three kilometres from the terminal.

Brandenburg Park is set in an excellent location 10 kilometres to the South of the border with Greater Berlin at the intersection between the A10 motorway and the B101 dual-carriageway trunk road. Attractive landscaping and the individual support available to clients have made it one of Berlin's leading business areas.

With the Theodor-Fontane-Höfen, in the immediate vicinity of Berlin's international airport BER, in the new Mitte Schönefeld, DIE Deutsche Immobilien Entwicklungs AG will construct 334 rental apartments: affordable - modern - urban The use of innovative building materials enables intelligent and fast construction. Completion is scheduled for 2018.

DVI Group, headquartered in Schönefeld close to Berlin, is a portfolio holder with an own portfolio worth around 1.8 billion euros. The main part of the portfolio consists of residential properties located in Berlin.
Since 2017, the company has been acquiring more office and logistics properties in cities in Eastern Germany such as Erfurt, Chemnitz, Leipzig, Dresden, Schwerin, Halle and Magdeburg.

The Business Campus at the Europarc Dreilinden is located near the Brandenburg state capital of Potsdam at the gateway to Berlin. It offers an attractive development area to companies from the industrial and service sectors and has become home to some 150 high-profile enterprises employing a workforce of more than 3,500.

The envopark® in Dahlewitz is distinguished by its proximity to Berlin's international airport BER as well as the excellent transport connections to the B96 and A10. The immediate proximity to the southern city limits of Berlin and the Schönefeld airport also contributes to good accessibility. For companies who are interested in settling in envopark®, there are system multi-purpose buildings, high voltage power, sanitary facilities and office facilities available.

The excellent infrastructure of the locations of Wassmannsdorf and Bohnsdorf offer fabulous project development opportunities around the site of the future Willy Brandt Airport (BER). The area is well connected through its own suburban railway station and direct motorway links. Close to the employment and service areas of the airport and to the ILA Trade Centre, this will be a premium greenfield development site offering long-term prospects for hotels, conference centres, offices, retail, restaurants and entertainment.

Investors and companies desiring to locate to gatelands are presented with a varied site offering direct connections to Berlin's international airport BER, splendid views and an intelligent site development system that makes use of an existing stock of trees and integrated green spaces.

The Green Park Business Centre is situated in a central location in Stahnsdorf on the South-West border of Greater Berlin close to the Brandenburg state capital of Potsdam. Green Park extends over an area of 28 hectares and features plenty of green space and an established tree population.

The ideal combination of waterway, rail and road. Opportunities to achieve cost-effectiveness of individual and combined transportation and an outstanding infrastructure make the Port of Königs Wusterhausen/Wildau, the largest inland port in Berlin-Brandenburg, an excellent location for investors. The location also offers outstanding expertise in the field of logistics.

Hawridge Airport Park Berlin Brandenburg is located to the South of Berlin in the municipality of Schönefeld only a short distance away from Berlin's international airport BER. Sites are available for purchasers wishing to pursue their own development plans, and future construction plans will also bring a wealth of opportunities for joint venture partners and for single tenants.

Adlershof Air Campus features a striking design and is centrally located on Rudower Chaussee, the main axis of a site that specialises in technology. Infrastructure is excellent, Berlin's international airport BER and the centres of 'West' and 'East' Berlin are close at hand. The project is being managed by ID&A immobilien GmbH.

Hechtstücke Industrial and Business Park is located in the town of Mittenwalde to the South-East of Berlin. It offers an ideal commercial location close to the A113 motorway and to the South of the Schönefeld Intersection. The new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport is only a few minutes away by car, and several high-profile logistics companies have already located to the area. The site is being developed by Kling GmbH.

Under the roof of the holding PROJECT Immobilien Wohnen AG, PROJECT Immobilien Gruppe develops high-quality residential and commercial building projects in urban growth centres in Germany. As part of the group, PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG is currently responsible for developing, letting and selling of office and commercial space in Berlin.

The Berlin Golf & Business Park Berlin (GBP) is located close to the city to the South-West of Berlin's international airport BER. There are direct connections to the Berlin ExpoCenter, where the Berlin Air Show (ILA) is staged. The GBP is surrounded by three golf courses, and future development plans include the construction of a golf, health and beauty spa and conference hotel and of a further 18-hole course. The project is being managed and marketed by KMPD GmbH.

The Berlin Golf & Business Park Berlin (GBP) is located close to the city to the South-West of Berlin's international airport BER. There are direct connections to the Berlin ExpoCenter, where the Berlin Air Show (ILA) is staged. The GBP is surrounded by three golf courses, and future development plans include the construction of a golf, health and beauty spa and conference hotel and of a further 18-hole course. The project is being managed and marketed by KMPD GmbH and Nitsche Project Consulting & Communications GmbH.

Reiss & Co. GmbH is an independent investor, developer and fee-developer in the field of high-quality and complex real estate projects. As well as the construction of residential facilities, its expertise is in the development of office, hotel and retail buildings. The company’s property in Schönefeld is a 30,000 sq m commercial development site on Hans-Grade-Allee, situated on what will become the forecourt of the Schönefeld S-Bahn station, not far from Berlin's international airport BER. The scope of the development is envisaged to include commercial uses, for offices and hotels.

TECHNOLOGY HUB - AIRPORT BERLIN - A future-oriented technology hub will be built on the site of the new Berlin Airport BER. The development project is aimed at users from the entertainment and sports sector, health care institutes, technology companies and players from research, development and production.

As a symbol of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, at the gate of the Airport Region, as a beacon for the municipality of Schönefeld, TAMAX is planning the highest building in Brandenburg in a prominent location alongside the Berlin ring motorway: Schönefeld Tower. The 110 metre high landmark will be an urban link between the capital and the growth engine at Schönefelder Kreuz visible across the region and attract particularly strong and innovative companies to Brandenburg as well as stand as a symbol for an urban, sustainable, economically strong, and livable Schönefeld.

The town of Teltow is favourably located to the South of Berlin and near to the Brandenburg state capital of Potsdam as well as offering good transport connections and a highly developed infrastructure. The Techno Terrain Teltow extends over an area of 600.000 m² and is the largest urban business park in the State of Brandenburg.

The Technology Park Funkerberg is the convergence of business, technology and research on around 107,000 square metres at the gates of Berlin. The high-quality urban development technology park is firmly anchored in the location development concept at Schönefelder Kreuz and, with its historic transmitter mast at a height of 210 metres, is also a visual landmark visible from afar.

The technology and start-up center Potsdam-Mittelmark GmbH with its locations in Teltow and Bad Belzig is an integral part of the operative economic-development and the labour-market-development in Potsdam-Mittelmark. The company is a carrier and partner of important networks in the district on the topics business start-up, business development, school & business and energy. Nationwide, TGZ PM GmbH coordinates economic and structural policy projects to promote innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the company promotes the establishment of innovative companies in the district.

In the immediate vicinity of the new Airport BER and with excellent transport connections to the heart of Berlin, TESTA is creating an office campus that stands out from ordinary airport offices: Spacious, modern and high-quality working environments in combination with a hotel, a supermarket, exciting gastronomy concepts and a fitness studio create a real quality of stay on the central square as a meeting place and place of exchange. On the approx. 30-minute S-Bahn journey from BER airport to the city center of Berlin, TESTA is located in the direct vicinity of the first stop "Schönefeld Waßmannsdorf" and can thus be reached within 1 minute's travel time from the terminal. The project is carried out in a joint venture with Alfons & Alfreda from Düsseldorf and the aamundo Immobilien Group from Frankfurt.

The latest industrial park to be constructed in the Berlin borough of Tempelhof-Schöneberg is located in the extreme South of the city and extends over an area of 180 hectares. This location has the highest industrial density of the three industrial parks now situated in the borough and is home to 250 companies with a total of just over 7,000 employees. The site is being marketed by the Motzener Straße Company Network.

Der envopark® in Dahlewitz zeichnet sich durch seine Nähe zum internationalen Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg (BER) sowie die hervorragende Verkehrsanbindung an die B96 und A10 aus. Auch die unmittelbare Nähe zur südlichen Berliner Stadtgrenze und zum Flughafen Schönefeld tragen zu einer guten Erreichbarkeit bei. Für Unternehmen, die an einer Ansiedlung im envopark® interessiert sind, stehen System-Mehrzweckhallen, Starkstrom, sanitäre Einrichtungen und Büromöglichkeiten zur Verfügung.

Die ideale Verknüpfung von Wasserstraße, Schiene und Straße, die Möglichkeit der individuellen und kostenoptimalen Kombination aller Verkehrsträger und die hervorragende Infrastruktur machen den Hafen Königs Wusterhausen / Wildau, größter Binnenhafen der Länder Berlin und Brandenburg, zum exzellenten Standort für Investoren. Auf dem Gebiet der Logistik verfügt der Standort über besondere Kompetenz.

Unter der Dachmarke PROJECT Immobilien entwickelt die PROJECT Immobilien Gruppe hochwertige Wohn- und Gewerbebauprojekte in urbanen Wachstumszentren. Als eigenständige Einheit innerhalb der Unternehmensgruppe betreut die PROJECT Immobilien Gewerbe AG deutschlandweit den Bereich der Gewerbeimmobilien.

Die Reiß & Co. GmbH ist ein selbstständiger Investor, Projektentwickler und Fee-Developer im Bereich hochwertiger und komplexer Immobilienprojekte. Zu den Tätigkeitsschwerpunkten gehört neben der Realisierung von Wohnanlagen auch die Entwicklung von Bürohäusern, Hotels und Einzelhandel. Das in Schönefeld befindliche, ca. 30.000 qm große Entwicklungsgrundstück für Gewerbebebauung ist an der Hans-Grade-Allee gelegen, am künftigen Bahnhofsvorplatz des S-Bahnhofs Schönefeld nur unweit vom internationalen Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg (BER) entfernt. Im Rahmen der Projektentwicklung ist eine gewerbliche Nutzung für Büro und Hotel angedacht.

Die Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Potsdam-Mittelmark GmbH mit ihren Standorten in Teltow und Bad Belzig als kreiseigene Gesellschaft ist ein integraler Bestandteil der operativen Wirtschafts- und Arbeitsmarktförderung in Potsdam-Mittelmark. Das Unternehmen ist Träger und Partner wichtiger Netzwerke im Landkreis zu den Themen Existenzgründung, Wirtschaftsförderung, Schule & Wirtschaft und Energie. Überregional koordiniert die TGZ PM GmbH wirtschafts- und strukturpolitische Projekte zur Förderung von Innovationen in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen. Zudem fördert das Unternehmen die Ansiedlung innovativer Unternehmen im Landkreis.

Local authorities

The Berlin borough of Treptow-Köpenick is situated in the South-East of the city. Its proximity to Berlin's international airport BER makes it an economic location with outstanding prospects. "WISTA", Europe's most modern technology park, the Wuhlheide Innovation Park and the Spreeknie Technology and Business Start-Up Centre all offer small and innovative new companies the perfect basis for growth and development.

The municipality of Hoppegarten borders Greater Berlin, is conveniently located on main transport axes leading back into the city and out to the East the east and is embedded within an outstanding infrastructure. The Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten Business Area extends over 68 hectares and has already attracted more than 70 companies. The famous "Hoppegarten Race Course", set in country surroundings, is one of the most attractive facilities of its type in Europe.

The municipality of Stahnsdorf is situated on the southern edge of Greater Berlin close to the Brandenburg state capital Potsdam. This convenient location, good links to the motorway network and proximity to Berlin's international airport BER at Schönefeld all serve to make Stahnsdorf an ideal business location.

The municipality of Schönefeld is located in Brandenburg on the border to Greater Berlin. Many districts within Schönefeld which offer attractive residential areas and commercial locations. Berlin's international airport BER is in close proximity. BER airport will have an excellent infrastructure featuring direct motorway links and an ICE train station under the terminal.

The Oder-Spree district is located right in the heart of Brandenburg and stretches from Berlin in the North-West to the Polish border. It offers good connections to all major transport routes and an economic structure that is primarily characterised by companies from the metal, transportation/mobility/logistics, energy technology, and food branches. Situated in the airport region, Freienbrink Cargo Transport Centre makes an essential contribution to efficient business transactions in the capital region as well as to the development of European transport chains.

The town of Ludwigsfelde is situated in the North of the Teltow-Fläming region in Brandenburg, about 11 km South of the border with Greater Berlin and about 8 km to the East of Potsdam, the capital of the Federal State of Brandenburg. In recent years, Ludwigsfelde has developed into an established business location in Berlin's southern hinterland. Many well-known German and international companies, such as Mercedes Benz, MTU, Thyssen and VW, have settled here.

Privileged in the state of Brandenburg, the city has a four-fold transport connection with regional and suburban trains, the inland port, the motorway and airport connection. Königs Wusterhausen belongs to the BER airport surroundings and is part of the "Schönefelder Kreuz" core of regional growth. The city profiles itself as an attractive place to live with appealing surroundings, which offer a growing number of jobs and provide considerable potential in the sectors of science, research and development / innovation companies.


The municipality of Blankenfelde-Mahlow, with its district Dahlewitz, is located in the county Teltow-Fläming in Brandenburg. Situated south of the capital Berlin, no more than 10 km west from Berlin's international airport BER, the location provides ideal conditions for long-term business prospects. In addition, the location is distinguished by its beautiful countryside with forests and various lakes.

The Schönefeld Head Office of the Cottbus Chamber of Crafts and Trades acts as a contact partner for companies from the fields of industry, commerce, services and tourism. It also provides support for institutions and further partners in the Dahme-Spreewald district and represents the interests of regional trade and industry.

The OWF supports economic projects in industry, commerce and tourism. The district Oder-Spree offers good working and living conditions. - Attractive industrial and commercial locations with a modern infrastructure combined with near-natural spaces for leisure and living. We advise, and create connections.

The Dahme-Spreewald district is situated between Berlin and Lower Lusatia and is one of the fastest growing business areas in the federal states of the former East Germany. The area owes its attractiveness to a convenient position right at the geographical centre of the Single European Market, to its close proximity to the German capital Berlin, to its excellent infrastructure and, last but not least, to the high quality of life that it has to offer. The Dahme-Spreewald Business Development Agency offers guidance and assistance in all questions concerning the economic area of the Dahme-Spreewald district.

Business Portals

The Berlin Business Location Center (BLC) is the business portal for Berlin and advises investors using first-hand information presented in a multimedia format. The Business Location Center helps investors seeking to locate to Berlin via a digital presentation system featuring all relevant decision-making criteria. A showroom in Berlin provides an impressive and tailored portrayal of the city of Berlin as a place to do business whilst a 3D model enables visitors to explore their preferred locations.

The Brandenburg Business Guide (BBG) is a geoportal with a wealth of information on the region’s industries, businesses and location factors. Text, facts and figures, photos and videos are all available at the click of a button on maps provided by Brandenburg’s State Geodetic Survey Agency (LGB). Companies considering an investment in the region can use these interactive maps to find the information they need immediately on properties, suppliers and research partners near a prospective business location. The maps also provide information on schools and recreational activities.