Luftaufnahme des Gewerbestandortes Mediaspree

Mediaspree (Spreeraum Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)

Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Media, ICT, Creative Industries, Service Industries
companies settled
BASF | Universal Music Group | MTV | Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland | Coca-Cola GmbH | Zalando | Bundesdruckerei
24 km
Specified construction plans in process
Federal Highways/Expressways
B1 | B5
Local Public Transport
S-Bahn | Regional Train
Car Sharing Area
Type of use in the development plan
Mixed-Use Area (MI)
Usage Profile
The Mediaspree area is made up of the Mitte, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg districts, Berlin’s hotspots in the start-up and creative scene. More and more global players and smaller companies from the media and music industries, art and cultural institutions, fashion companies and designers are attracted to the Friedrichshain bank of the Spree. Prominent companies have found their home, even headquarters, here in the last years. When it comes to the Kreuzberg part of the Spree bank, big names from the music industry have opened their doors alongside small and medium-sized companies from the creative industries and companies specialising in information and communication technologies.
The combination of past and present, of life and work, makes the Mediaspree a thriving modern hub for service providers. Nowadays the Spree bank is not only one of the most in-demand commercial locations in Berlin – it is also a popular residential and leisure location.

Complementary information type of use:

Area with established and about to be established development plans according to local planning regulations.