State-of-the-art transport and communication infrastructure

Fast and comfortable connections between the capital region and the national and international markets are guaranteed by the region’s highly efficient communication network and state-of-the-art transport infrastructure linking air, water, rail and road.

Transport infrastructure

The capital region excels with its high-performance, sophisticated transport infrastructure ensuring that people, products and services arrive smoothly at their destinations. An integrated freight transport concept combined with the excellent digital infrastructure ensures smart management with regard to the flow of goods.


1 international Airport

12 public inland ports

5 public CT terminals (Combined Transport)

6 freight centers

1.300 kilometres of national waterways

1.500 kilometres of main railway lines

900 kilometres on 12 motorways

Europe’s new center

Being part of the trans-European Network (TEN) means having excellent connections to all of Europe. The east-west European E30 transport corridor passes directly through the Airport Region, providing ideal connections to Scandinavia as well as southern and eastern Europe. Be it Warsaw, Lisbon, Oslo or Athens via motorway or rail, the Airport Region offers fast and direct routes to your destinations.


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TEN-T Karte Korridor
TEN-T Karte Städte
TEN-T map cities

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Berlin: Gateway to the world

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is the heart of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg and its gateway to the world. Many companies consider the direct connections between economic markets and growth industries as significant success factors and location assets. With flights to 130 destinations the international BER airport connects the capital region with cities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Not least it offers shorter flight times to Asian destinations compared to Paris and London.  

In addition to our flight route map, you will find a PDF list of all current flight connections.

Please note: Due to the war in Ukraine, flight connections displayed in our map may not be correct.

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