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Ideal location assets and innovative growth

A dynamic economic region stretching from the busy Berlin environs to the south of the city and right up to the municipalities around Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) – this is the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg. Its excellent infrastructure, first-class business locations, innovative technology centers and motivated skilled workforce make it an ideal company location. Be it global corporations, medium-sized companies or startups – the company landscape of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg is just as diverse as the industries represented here.

Dynamic economic development

The Airport Region Team is a cooperation of the two business development agencies, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB) and is focused on economically strengthening the region around Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). With headquarters directly at BER Airport, we are the first point of contact for companies interested in opening new branches or offices in the region.

Our close cooperation with the respective industry experts of each economic development agency means that we can support you with all your questions regarding company expansions and settlements.


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Find the right location for your company - whether in the immediate vicinity of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), in Berlin's city center or in one of Brandenburg's central industrial parks or freight centers.

View of BER from airplane

With the highest gross domestic product and largest population in the European Union, Germany is Europe’s most important market and a coveted location when it comes to international investments. With Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) the region benefits from a European air traffic hub and a business environment that stands out thanks to many location assets. Companies from many different industries already enjoy the benefits of the growing German capital region.


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The Airport Region Team's key services include advising on settlement projects and expansion investments in the region's growth industries, providing information on developments in the area surrounding the airport, and acting as an intermediary to the relevant business development agency in Berlin or Brandenburg. You will receive information and contacts on available commercial space, skilled workers and managers, as well as financing and funding opportunities.

High-growth and innovative industries characterize the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg. Multinational, medium-sized companies and startups benefit from extraordinary cooperation possibilities and excellent industry and science networks.

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The BER airport operator, project developers, boroughs and municipalities are partners of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg brand alliance. The “Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg” label stands for a broad and varied range of excellently developed, premium premises for industry and trade with Germany’s lowest business tax rate, as well as ideal transport conections in the direct and greater vicinity of BER Airport.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in becoming a partner.



Find out more about important events in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg as well as where to meet our team face-to-face at international conferences and trade fairs.


Please contact us to receive more information or to make an appointment.

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Discover the region's growing industries, recent company relocations, and exciting real estate projects in the immediate and wider vicinity of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). Gain insight into the companies in the region, news from cross-state industry clusters, and their dynamic development.

A business location with many advantages.

"The region around BER airport is developing into one of the outstanding business locations in the German capital region." Dr. Steffen Kammradt (Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg, CEO)

"We are already registering concrete settlement projects that can be traced back to the international airport. This knock-on effect will only increase because the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg is extremely attractive for investors." Dr. Stefan Franzke (Berlin Partner, CEO)


You can see the entrance gate and a part of the main building of Berlin-Chemie, a Berlin pharmaceutical company, the logo of the company is placed at the entrance, in turquoise letters.

Interview | BERLIN-CHEMIE: A woman heading the German business

Christiane von der Eltz was appointed to the Executive Board of BERLIN-CHEMIE on June 1 2022 and is responsible for the Pharma Germany division. The qualified pharmacist brings with her a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Previously, she was General Manager and Country Speaker of Merck Switzerland and has many years of experience in various therapeutic areas such as general medicine, diabetes, special medicine as well as oncology. Among other things, we spoke to her about her new position at BERLIN-CHEMIE and her plans in the capital.

Why did you take on the position at BERLIN-CHEMIE? What appeals to you about the new job?

It is the overall package that the new task entails and that makes my position so attractive to me. BERLIN-CHEMIE is one of the strongest companies in the area of general practitioners in Germany. We have many partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies who benefit from our strength in this area for their products. I find it very exciting to get in touch with new potential partners and to initiate cooperations. It is also important to me that we maintain our excellent position in the customer group mentioned and continue to demonstrate outstanding performance here in terms of both quantity and quality. More and more digital projects are playing a role here. Particularly in a city like Berlin, with numerous digital start-ups, it makes sense to look for new ideas and solutions for doctors and patients on the doorstep. Another challenge that I would like to tackle is making the organization more agile and thus being able to react more quickly to changes in the market. I have already gained a lot of experience here in the past, which will also help us here at BERLIN-CHEMIE.

Have you been in contact with women’s networks in your professional career?

I have been active in Working Moms e.V. for many years and was also on the Board of the founding association in Frankfurt for many years. In the past years I lived in Switzerland and helped to establish a branch of the association there. The Working Moms are also active in Berlin and we have a total of over 600 members in German-speaking countries. The women’s network stands for the compatibility of family and ambitious work and we want to be a role model for young women and motivate them to follow this path. We also offer our members an excellent platform for exchanging ideas with like-minded people. Unfortunately, the model of the mother, who at the same time pursues her professional career, is still not always socially recognized in Germany. Mothers who decide to work full-time, for example, unfortunately still receive too little practical support – such as childcare concepts and tax benefits –and are often under constant pressure to justify their decision.

Your company also organizes the Congress for Health Networkers. What does your network mean to you?  

The Congress for Health Networkers (“Kongress für Gesundheitsnetzwerker”) took place for the 17th time in 2022. BERLIN-CHEMIE came up with the idea of this congress to enter into an exchange with all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, together with decision-makers in the healthcare sector, to discuss the challenges of care and to identify solutions. This network means a lot to us because we can better understand the needs of the stakeholders and the necessities of care through direct exchange. For many years, BERLIN-CHEMIE has made it its business to support our customers with customized solutions and an extensive range of training courses, in addition to providing a good supply of medicines. This also includes the Congress for Health Networkers in Berlin.

You came to Berlin in June. How do you like Berlin?

In the past years, I have lived in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and near Zurich. Berlin is different from these cities simply because of its size. Berlin is also extremely diverse and colorful, and each district has a different face. The first few months at the new job I unfortunately had little time to explore and enjoy the city, but I am looking forward to trying out many new restaurants. I also like going to art exhibitions, the theater or the opera. In this respect, the offer in Berlin is overwhelming.

Dear Ms. von der Eltz, thank you for this interview. We look forward to further exchanges with you and to the next Congress of Health Networkers, an important event in the capital region to connect everyone from startups to health insurers to practicing physicians.

(The interview was conducted and published on behalf of the Cluster Health Care Industry of Berlin Brandenburg “Health Capital” in fall 2022).

Committed to health

BERLIN-CHEMIE AG is an internationally active pharmaceutical manufacturer with modern production facilities in Berlin Adlershof and Berlin-Britz and is part of the MENARINI Group. Within the Group, BERLIN-CHEMIE is responsible for the pharmaceutical business in Germany, Eastern Europe and the CIS region with more than 5,000 employees for more than 30 markets and with sales of around 1.5 billion euros. Berlin is also an important research location for the Group.

Medicine of the future

Close cooperation between leading global players, renowned scientists, first-class hospitals and an innovative startup community make the capital region one of the world's leading healthcare and life science locations.

Interdisciplinary networks, specialized professionals, technology transfer and disruptive technologies are key factors in turning scientific findings into innovative products for the global healthcare market.

For more information on the economic development of the region's growth industries, business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions, please contact:

Melanie Gartzke I melanie.gartzke(at)airport-region.de

Source: Cluster Healthcare industry of Berlin Brandenburg, HealthCapital, 16.11.2022/ 07.03.2023; https://www.healthcapital.de/en/news/article/berlin-chemie-a-woman-heading-the-german-business/


Interviews with the partners of our brand alliance.

Our brand alliance partners, experienced and long-standing players in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg, gave us short interviews in which they explained their views on the region's development potential and its locational advantages. They also gave us an insight into their future projects and plans.