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DLE presents planning for the "Königspark"

DLE Land Development GmbH, based in Berlin, is developing the 56 hectare area known as "Königspark" into a modern and mixed-use neighborhood in Königs Wusterhausen (Brandenburg) on behalf of the owner. In order to inform about the current status of the framework planning and to involve interested residents with suggestions and ideas in the neighborhood development, DLE organized together with the city of Königs Wusterhausen on 06.07.2023 a citizens' event in the village community center Diepensee.

About 100 residents accepted the invitation. There was also the possibility to follow the first informative part of the event via livestream. About 65 citizens participated in the subsequent dialogue format. As representatives of the city, the mayor Mrs. Wiezorek as well as the first alderman Mrs. Hirschfeld took part. Both addressed the audience at the beginning of the event. Subsequently, the DLE and the planning team presented the current status of the framework planning for the development area "Königspark". For the first time, the size of the commercial units amounting to 110,000 sqm GFA as well as the assumed number of about 2,500 residential units to be created could be mentioned. A 100,000 sqm park acts as a green bridge in the middle and connects the four different quarters of the "Königspark". DGNB certification in gold is being sought for the Königspark.

In the second part of the event, citizens were able to enter into dialog with the individual expert planners at three different topic tables. In the categories "Urban Planning & Social Infrastructure", "Ecology & Open Space Planning" and "Mobility & Technical Infrastructure", the employees of the offices commissioned with the planning "Stadt Land Fluss Berlin", "Tchoban Voss Architekten", "JKL Architektur", "IPP Hydro Consult GmbH" and "PST GmbH" were available to the participants as guides. The suggestions and ideas collected in the process will be incorporated into the framework planning after a technical review.

Petra Müller, Head of Conceptual Development & Communication at DLE: "In Königs Wusterhausen, we deliberately opted for the two-part format consisting of an information event and a workshop with a dialog character, because we were aware that many citizens would use the opportunity to articulate their reservations. Thanks to our concept, both these reservations and other suggestions were able to flow into a constructive process. Our experienced pilots were able to successfully reduce existing fears and concerns about the neighborhood development and generate acceptance for the project at the topic tables and in discussions with the citizens. The numerous suggestions from the citizens were taken up by our pilots and integrated into the further steps of the planning. I would like to thank all participants and the mayor, Ms. Wiezorek, for making this event possible."

The topics of mobility and stationary traffic were discussed most intensively at the citizens' event. Questions about the social mix of the neighborhoods, the creation of affordable housing and the expansion of public infrastructure in the area of education were also of particular interest to those present.


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(Source: DLE Land Development GmbH, 07|19|2023 | "DLE presents planning for the "Königspark" and takes up suggestions from citizens")