Bürogebäude Landsberger Allee 52
Bürogebäude Landsberger Allee 52

Innovative and modern: CENTRUM hands over Jobcenter on Landsberger Allee, Berlin

Expressive architecture, modern variable office space. Around 16,700 square meters of office space was created on the site of the formerly vacant UCI cinema in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, which will be handed over to the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district this week for the Jobcenter to move in. What is special about the building is that it received the highest possible platinum certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DNGB) for combining ecology, economy, innovation and sustainability.

Well-being on green terraces
With its climate-conscious and sustainable approach, CENTRUM has created first-class conditions for the workplace of the future. Designed by the Berlin architect Manfred Treiling, the building is already setting visual standards and captivates architecturally with its stair-like terrace design. This creates a large number of outdoor areas which are intensively planted with greenery. The result is a special quality of area that will not only provide fresh air and a good indoor climate in the future, but will also have a positive effect on the well-being of employees in the workplace.

The uniform facade of this modern office building conveys values such as sustainability, transparency and openness. The clinker facade consists of traditionally manufactured water-struck bricks as well as highly energy-efficient triple-glazed windows with sound insulation and integrated sun protection. By juxtaposing exposed concrete surfaces and valuable finishing materials, the architect has created a calm and businesslike character in the interior that underscores the furnishing of flexible office spaces for different work environments.

The new Jobcenter also includes a one-storey underground car park with a large number of bicycle parking spaces. On the first floor there will be a daycare center for about 40 children. Thanks to the terraced architecture, the ensemble opens up to the monument of the neighboring brewery. VALUES Real Estate has already acquired the building in Landsberger Allee from CENTRUM.

Peter Knopf, Managing Director of the CENTRUM Group, said on the occasion of the handover: "Sustainability, careful use of resources and climate protection have top priority for all of our projects. In the future, urban development will have to be measured much more against these criteria to ensure that people will continue to feel comfortable in our cities. We wish all employees success with their work in their new offices."

The lease to the Job Center came about through the cooperation of Angermann Real Estate Advisory AG.

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