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Quartier Heidestrasse picks up speed: Cornerstone laid for three buildings

Today, there were three reasons to celebrate in Quartier Heidestrasse (QH): The cornerstone was laid for the sub-projects QH Colonnades, QH Straight, and for the southern cube of QH Crown. In total, nearly 67,000 square meters of GFA for residential, office, retail, and restaurants will be built on Heidestraße by the end of 2022. The ceremony took place with a small group due to the pandemic.

Regula Lüscher, Senate Building Director and State Secretary at the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing: “Three building sites, three architectural languages. robertneun, raw and industrial, collignon, elegant and classic, gmp, sculptural and valuable. Three characters that correspond to today’s Berlin. Diverse, colorful, metropolitan. With the addition of the western construction sites, Europacity can be experienced as a city within the city with tremendous architectural quality, different types of housing, and a diverse mix of uses. This cannot be taken for granted, but is the result of constructive cooperation between the State of Berlin, the project developer, and all those involved in the planning.”

On the occasion of the great progress of the newly emerging quarter near Berlin’s Central Station, Thomas Bergander, managing director of the project developer Taurecon, said “In the Quartier Heidestrasse, work continues unabated to create the foundations for a lively coexistence of living, working, and leisure. All the teams involved are pleased and grateful that we have been able to continue our project despite all the difficulties. Quartier Heidestrasse stands for liveliness, good neighborhoods, and productive spaces. Today, we are pleased to lay the cornerstones for our three sub-projects QH Colonnades, QH Straight, and QH Crown South and would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and the responsible offices of the building administration for their support. A big thank you also goes to our team for moving this major project forward.”

“Mix it like Berlin!” – The future belongs to the city
With diverse uses, the QH Colonnades, QH Straight, and QH Crown South projects embody the urban concept of Quartier Heidestrasse. Across from the already completed and occupied QH Core ensemble, on the lively Quartiersplatz, QH Colonnades will rise in the future, with classic elegance and green retreats in the inner courtyard. On approximately 20,955 m2 GFA, 132 exclusive apartments for rent, approximately 5,350 m2 GFA for offices, and approximately 3,150 m2 GFA for retail, restaurants, and studios will be built here. The building was designed by collignon Architekten.

This building to the north is followed by QH Straight. As with QH Core, ROBERTNEUN Architekten is responsible for the design of this project. It meets the viewer with an extravagant, quasi unfinished concrete facade and vertically emphasized window openings. In its casual roughness, QH Straight offers a total of around 22,130 m2 GFA inside. This includes 131 rental apartments, with an additional approx. 5,500 m2 GFA for offices and around 2,800 m2 GFA for commercial space on the semi-basement level.

The northern end of the quarter is formed by the two-part QH Crown ensemble, for whose southern component the cornerstone was also laid today. With their brightness and bronze and brass elements, the facades exude metropolitan solidity and dignity, behind which are around 24,145 m2 of GFA. Here, too, around 130 exclusive rental apartments, offices with around 5,720 m2 GFA, and around 2,590 m2 GFA for retail and restaurants are planned. The design is being led by gmp Architekten, who are thus further highlighting Berlin’s new center within a stone’s throw from the Central Station, which was also designed by their firm.

Quartier Heidestrasse: Live and work smart and ecologically
Quartier Heidestrasse is a new, multifaceted 8.5 ha urban district being created right in the center of Berlin. It will combine all aspects of modern work, recreation, and living: the quarter's six sub-projects will offer a total of some 199,600 m² office and commercial space including a hotel and a daycare center as well as more than 940 rental apartments covering 95,400 m². QH Core, the heart of the quarter will be ready for occupancy by January 2021. QH Track and the entire quarter will be completed by 2023.

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting
The company was founded by Thomas Bergander. The focus of its activities is project development for private and institutional customers as well as due diligence for property transactions. The company is responsible for the development of Quartier Heidestrasse in Europacity and is coordinating the entire planning process from conception to implementation and marketing. Its services include commissioning and coordination of the teams involved, support with development plans and competitions, as well as the organization of marketing. For the Wasserstadt Project in Europacity Berlin, Taurecon is handling the monitoring on behalf of Adler Real Estate. Taurecon can also organize the entire acquisition process for its clients on request.

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