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Außenansicht des STREAM Towers
Außenansicht des STREAM Towers

SIGNA celebrates completion of the STREAM office tower in Berlin

SIGNA Real Estate has celebrated the completion of the STREAM office tower at the Mercedes-Benz Arena and handed over the space to the new tenant Zalando. "The STREAM completes the Mediaspree location in a spectacular way," says Timo Herzberg, CEO of SIGNA Real Estate. "Directly next to the Mercedes-Benz Arena, a sensational high-rise has been built, an urban sculpture with around 2,500 workplaces, spacious conference areas, public gastronomic areas. Zalando and its employees can look forward to plenty of space for inspiration, communication and innovation."

SIGNA signed the long-term lease with Europe's largest online fashion retailer in autumn 2017.

90-meter-high office building for 2,500 workplaces
On one of the last undeveloped plots of land in the Mediaspree area in Berlin-Friedrichshain, a 90-meter-high modern office building with a gross floor area of around 50,000 m² has been built based to plans by the architectural firm Gewers Pudewill.

As an urban sculpture, the STREAM Tower tailors its edges and angles with the surrounding cubatures and places itself in the surrounding urban fabric. "The 24 floors form layers that reach toward the sky in an alternating staggered pattern, giving the approximately 97.5-meter tower its characteristic shape, which is as vibrant and varied as the building's creative environment," says Georg Gewers, founding partner of the Gewers Pudewill office. "To allow people to appreciate this unique location with all their senses, the building has been given large, glazed facades as well as terraces on all floors."

The ground floor forms a spacious foyer with an extensive reception area as well as publicly accessible eateries. The office spaces can be flexibly occupied, providing space for generous work landscapes or more rigid work-space division. Two floors are connected to each other via internal, open staircases. Each individual office level has terraces to the west and south-west.

A conference area for up to 600 visitors, ancillary rooms and supply areas are planned for the second floor. The basement levels contain most of the ancillary and technical areas as well as an underground garage with parking spaces for around 120 cars, all of which are equipped with electric charging columns, as well as 250 bicycle parking spaces.

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