Visualisierung Wohnungsbau in Altglienicke

STADT UND LAND celebrates the topping-out ceremony for over 100 new affordable apartments in Altglienicke

STADT UND LAND raises the topping-out wreath for another new building project in Berlin. After eleven months of construction, the shell of the first 105 of a total of 245 new affordable apartments is in place on the Hassoweg/Nelkenweg site in Altglienicke. 

The STADT UND LAND management Natascha Klimek and Ingo Malter invited the Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey, the Senator for Urban Development, Building and Housing, Andreas Geisel, and the District Mayor of Treptow-Köpenick, Oliver Igel, to the topping-out ceremony. 

Apartments for families are being built on Hassoweg/Nelkenweg. Around 50 percent of the apartments will be occupied by refugees in the first few years. Around a third of all apartments are subsidized by the State of Berlin and rented to holders of a housing entitlement certificate from 6.50 Euro net per square meter per month. 

Franziska Giffey, the Governing Mayor of Berlin: “With the STADT UND LAND project, family-friendly apartments are also being created for people who have worse opportunities on the housing market. Studies show that, for example, people with non-German surnames find it more difficult to find an apartment, even in diverse metropolises such as Berlin. With projects like these, we show that we create housing for everyone, no matter where their roots are, and that integration succeeds when people from very different backgrounds live under one roof.”

Andreas Geisel, Senator for Urban Development, Building and Housing: “Despite the shortage of skilled workers, rising construction prices and growing energy costs, STADT UND LAND is building affordable and family-friendly apartments here in a short construction period. Serial construction also leads to acceleration in housing construction in this project. That makes me optimistic that we can achieve our ambitious goals in new residential construction.”

Oliver Igel, District Mayor of Treptow-Köpenick: “Treptow-Köpenick is one of the most popular districts and has recorded the largest increase in residents in Berlin last year. It is therefore all the more important to keep pace with residential construction and to expand the range of affordable housing. STADT UND LAND is doing that, and I am grateful to them for that. However, we must not stop there, rather, as building land is becoming scarce, we must look for solutions together in order to develop new housing construction potential in our district.”

Natascha Klimek, Managing Director, STADT UND LAND: “Good living conditions, social care and neighborly coexistence are prerequisites for successful integration. I am very pleased to see how this new building project is growing and will soon be a home for different groups of residents. After around eleven months of construction, we are now on the home stretch to completion here. We would like to thank the planners, the construction workers and the Treptow-Köpenick district for the good cooperation.”

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