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Richtfest Wohnungsbau Berlin Treptow-Köpenick

The shell is in place: The housing association STADT UND LAND celebrates the topping-out ceremony in Berlin Johannisthal

New housing for Berlin: In the presence of Christian Gaebler, State Secretary for Building and Housing, the STADT UND LAND Wohnbauten Gesellschaft celebrated the topping-out ceremony today for 135 affordable rental apartments in the Treptow-Köpenick district. 

On the approximately 7,800 square meter site on Vereinsstrasse/Johannes-Werner-Strasse in Johannisthal, two to four-room rental apartments are being built in four-story construction with a staggered floor, 50 percent of which are funded by the State of Berlin and are aimed for rental to tenants with small and medium-income. The other 50 percent of the apartments are privately financed, but are rented on average up to a maximum of 11.50 Euro per square meter/month in accordance with the cooperation agreement between the State-owned housing companies. 

Christian Gaebler, State Secretary for Building and Housing: “We need to create new and affordable housing to preserve the social mix throughout our city. That is why it is important that STADT UND LAND also builds apartments here in Johannisthal, primarily for people with small or medium incomes, and also designs the living environment so that the new Berliners moving here will feel comfortable.” 

The buildings are combined and erected according to the principle of the STADT UND LAND standard buildings from a ready-made plan. This special concept makes it possible to build quickly and inexpensively as well as flexibly and with high quality. Ingo Malter, Managing Director of STADT UND LAND: The planning modules of our STADT UND LAND standard buildings make it possible to adapt the height, extent, equipment and design to various urban planning requirements and quality standards. At the same time, the construction time is significantly shorter than with conventional construction, which also has a cost-reducing effect. Overall, STADT UND LAND has grown from 39,431 apartments to 50,665 apartments since 2012. Our current plans envisage expanding our portfolio to over 55,000 apartments by 2026. Our Standard building concept is very important in this regard.” 

The planners paid particular attention to a nuanced connection between the new building and the existing building at Johannes-Werner-Strasse 20, which was used as a fire station until 2004. The former fire station is to be put to a new use for social infrastructure in the future. 

In a January 2021 opinion poll on future uses in the immediate neighborhood, preferences included daycare, retail, or a café. 

Natascha Klimek, Managing Director, STADT UND LAND: “In our projects, it is important to us to integrate the new building into the existing structure in a meaningful way. Therefore, we appreciate the active participation of residents in our survey and will now consider the various alternatives.”

Green spaces and recreational areas with a high quality of stay will be created in the outdoor area of the new residential buildings. Two playgrounds, one of which is aimed at younger children and the second at older children, some car parking spaces and 345 bicycle parking spaces are also part of the ensemble.

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