Portrait Thomas Graf, Geschäftsführer Alpine Immobilien GmbH

"Schönefeld has better transport links than almost any other region in Germany."

Thomas Graf, managing director, Alpine Immobilien GmbH

What advantages does the Airport Region offer for your company and your project?

Schönefeld has better transport links than almost any other region in Germany. You can quickly reach important metropolises in Germany and Europe by car, train or plane. The proximity to Berlin is another plus point. Here you will find the bustling life of the capital as well as a large number of well-trained workers for entrepreneurial growth. And the airport region is expecting rapid development because Berlin is expensive and there is hardly any space available. We are prepared for this and have just opened 16,000 m2 of new office space at our BB Business Hub in the center of Schönefeld and will be able to expand even further in our own space in the future.

What effects do you hope the proximity to the airport will have on your project?

Above all, I hope that the airport can steadily increase passenger numbers in the coming years without any further external crises. Development in the region follows almost automatically from this. My hope is that after TESLA, other international companies will decide to locate in the region. As a local office portfolio holder with a parent company in Switzerland, an international focus is part of our DNA.

What would you like to see in the development of the region?

In addition to the development of office, commercial and industrial space, it is vital that there be sufficient housing and areas for recreation and leisure. This requires a planning "superstructure" and the cooperation of all the districts involved and the neighboring Berlin districts. We are passionately committed as a member of BER+, the Interessengemeinschaft Umfeld BER e.V. Together, we want to shape the BER environment in an innovative, sustainable and livable way. The "NEOCITY" concept also offers an exciting approach to holistic planning for the region.

Which companies/industries do you think would best benefit from locating in the Airport Region and why?

I see great potential for the healthcare industry. German medicine enjoys an excellent international reputation and the airport brings patients from all over the world to the region. The planned international rehabilitation clinic in Bad Belzig is an example of such a project. 

Imagine you only have one sentence to convince a potential investor of the advantages of the airport region as a business location, what would you say?

The airport region of the German capital offers lucrative development opportunities for all uses in a research and innovation cluster that is strongly influenced by Berlin and the local Wildau University of Applied Sciences.

We would like to thank Thomas Graf, Managing Director Alpine Immobilien GmbH, for the interview!