Picture shows the portrait of Dr. Stefan Franzke, Managing Director of the Business Development Agency at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH

»Thanks to the excellent cooperation between Berlin and Brandenburg, our economy is growing faster than the national average.«

Dr. Stefan Franzke, Managing Director of the economic development agency of Berlin, Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

What is the significance of the airport region for Berlin and Brandenburg, and what benefits do you see for companies in the region?

The Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Region is a dynamic economic area stretching from the bustling center of Berlin to the communities surrounding the airport in Brandenburg. The region offers businesses a perfect mix of established large companies, innovative SMEs and a thriving start-up scene. The result is a wealth of opportunities for collaboration and access to world-class industry and academic networks.

It is this combination that makes the capital region so attractive worldwide: Brandenburg as a traditional industrial state, the vibrant metropolis of Berlin at its heart, and a diverse population that stands for openness and tolerance. At the same time, the region's proximity to nature not only provides recreation, but also contributes to a high quality of life. This mix of economic strength, innovative spirit and quality of life makes our region a unique location in Germany. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between Berlin and Brandenburg, our economy is growing faster than the national average.

In your opinion, which companies or sectors could benefit from locating in the airport region and why?

The Berlin Brandenburg Airport Region offers potential investors a wide range of industries that could benefit from locating here, including aerospace, information and communications technology, creative industries, healthcare and life sciences. Mobility and smart city projects also play an important role.

Regardless of the sector, Berlin and Brandenburg offer an ideal combination of strategic location, first-class infrastructure, innovative technology centers and support services from the two states' economic development agencies, which together help companies grow and expand successfully.

What are the characteristics of the business culture in the Berlin-Brandenburg airport region and what opportunities do companies have to network with other companies, industry associations and research institutions?

Innovation, cooperation and internationality characterize the business culture here. Companies appreciate the open and dynamic atmosphere in which they can exchange ideas, form partnerships and drive forward joint projects. There are many opportunities to network effectively with other companies, industry associations and research institutions.

These include regular networking events, industry meetings, business forums and collaborative projects. Interested companies can contact the Airport Region team for more information on available networking opportunities and to become actively involved in the region's business community.

What is the availability of skilled labor in the region, particularly in sectors such as aerospace, industrial manufacturing or healthcare? Are there specific training and education opportunities for potential employees in these areas?

The region's geographic location and strong economic momentum attract skilled workers from around the world for a variety of key positions. To meet the needs of these specialized industries, the region's universities, research institutions and training centers offer specialized education and training opportunities.

These programs range from hands-on courses to customized training programs designed to enhance the skills and qualifications of workers in these key areas. Through close collaboration between business, education and the public sector, innovative training pathways are continually being developed to ensure that the workforce is equipped to meet the demands and challenges of the ever-evolving world of work.

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