„Berlin Brandenburg Airport and the good connections to the center of Berlin are simply convincing location advantages.“

Jan-Steffen Iser, DLE Land Development GmbH, in an interview about the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg.

What are your business plans for the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Region?

As a building land and project developer, we see dynamic growth in the vicinity of the airport region in southern Berlin. On the one hand, the proximity to the airport is attractive to many companies, so demand for commercial space will remain high. On the other hand, we are also noticing a rethinking of the relationship between living and working. Short distances are becoming the focus and this means for the future that mixed-use districts with an urban character and efficient infrastructure will enjoy strong demand in the airport region. We create the conditions for this in the process of obtaining planning permission.

What would you like to see in the development of the region?

In our projects, we recognize that parts of the population are very afraid of changes and of people moving in. This gives rise to demands on official and political decision-makers to withdraw from the growth process and to freeze and suspend approval procedures. We would like to see more courage on the part of decision-makers to manage and moderate the growth process with precisely these approval procedures together with the developers. Therein lies the great opportunity to create the framework and foundations today for the neighborhoods of tomorrow. Municipalities can therefore be well prepared to meet the growing demand for residential and commercial space and adapt their public and municipal infrastructure.

What effects do you hope the proximity to the airport will have on your project?

The strongest effect certainly affects companies that have made the decision to settle in the airport region. This cluster of diverse companies, which continues to grow, generates strong synergy effects and has an attractive effect on additional companies, which means that the demand for commercial space will remain high. At the same time, we recognize that employees increasingly want to live close to their place of work. Space must be created for this. Here, the BER and a good connection to the center of Berlin are also convincing location advantages.

We would like to thank Jan-Steffen Iser for the interview!