Portrait picture of Thomas Groth - Managing Director of the Groth Group

»Where urbanity, innovation, future orientation & green spaces merge with fast connections to the vibrant city center of Berlin & the extensive surrounding area.«

Thomas Groth, Managing Director of the Groth Group

What are your corporate plans for the Berlin Brandenburg Airport region?

In the south of Berlin, the Groth Group is planning a new urban quarter on a 97-hectare site with around 2,500 residential units, 3 daycare centers, an elementary school with a sports field and gymnasium. The focal point of the “Neulichterfelde” quarter will be a town square, right next to the Lichterfelde Süd S-Bahn station. There will be temporary housing, stores, stores, cafés and restaurants around the town square. People will live there in the countryside and still be able to reach the city center quickly with the S-Bahn every 10 minutes. The connection to the airport region can be reached quickly by car via the Großbeeren highway feeder road.

There will be 420 terraced houses, 1840 owner-occupied apartments and privately financed rental apartments. The public housing association DEGEWO will also build 540 subsidized apartments.

In addition to large green and play areas, 60 hectares will remain undeveloped in the middle of the site. The Lichterfelde Weidelandschaft will remain there as the green center of the neighborhood.

Urban, innovative, future-oriented and green with fast connections to Berlin's city center and the surrounding area.

What advantages does the Airport Region offer for your company and your project? 

The Airport Region offers employees attractive employment opportunities. A prosperous structure for mobility, business, research and technology has developed around Berlin. Not least with BER Airport, this region will offer many opportunities for development. We assume that the new residents will also have their jobs in this region and will appreciate the proximity of the Neulichterfelde district as a place to live and work.

What do you wish for the development of the region? 

Berlin and Brandenburg benefit from the growth of the region. Mobility, infrastructure and a shared economic space will further promote the cohesion of Berlin and Brandenburg. The further expansion of the public bus, rail and rail infrastructure (transport and logistics) can receive important impetus from the convergence of the metropolitan region.

Has the perception of your project or your location changed? If so, in what way? 

We acquired the plot in 2012 and planning began in 2013. The challenge was to plan an urban yet green district on the outskirts of the city. An appropriate density of residential construction, a town square with commercial and office use - all around the Lichterfelde pasture landscape, which remains undeveloped. Our target group was singles, families and best agers who appreciate the proximity to the city center and the Berlin suburbs. A 10-minute suburban train service makes it easy to commute to work in the city center.

This changed over the years that were necessary to create the planning law. The surrounding area developed, BER, TESLA, Wildau and other companies and key technologies settled in the region. The demand for future living and working changed, not least due to coronavirus. Traditional office uses, which used to be at home in Mitte as a matter of course, could suddenly imagine an office on the outskirts of the city. Why should employees continue to commute to Mitte if they already live in the surrounding area? Whereas people previously had the feeling that they were developing on the outskirts of the city, they are now moving more to the center of a new economic area that also specifically includes the surrounding area.

What effects do you hope the proximity to the airport will have on your projects? 

We are very sure that people who work at the airport or in the surrounding area appreciate the proximity to the city center and would like to live in our green, new urban quarter. Good accessibility to the workplace and still enjoying the advantages of the metropolis of Berlin in terms of art, culture and entertainment - that is what characterizes our quarter. 

Imagine you only have one sentence to convince a potential investor of the advantages of the airport region as a business location, what would you say? 

Tailor-made apartments to suit your individual living situation can be found in the urban, green, innovative quarter of the future in Neulichterfelde in the south of Berlin. 

We would like to thank Mr. Thomas Groth for the interview.