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Ideal location assets and innovative growth

A dynamic economic region stretching from the busy Berlin environs to the south of the city and right up to the municipalities around Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) – this is the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg. Its excellent infrastructure, first-class business locations, innovative technology centers and motivated skilled workforce make it an ideal company location. Be it global corporations, medium-sized companies or startups – the company landscape of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg is just as diverse as the industries represented here.

Dynamic economic development

The Airport Region Team is a cooperation of the two business development agencies, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB) and is focused on economically strengthening the region around Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). With headquarters directly at BER Airport, we are the first point of contact for companies interested in opening new branches or offices in the region.

Our close cooperation with the respective industry experts of each economic development agency means that we can support you with all your questions regarding company expansions and settlements.


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Find the right location for your company - whether in the immediate vicinity of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), in Berlin's city center or in one of Brandenburg's central industrial parks or freight centers.

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With the highest gross domestic product and largest population in the European Union, Germany is Europe’s most important market and a coveted location when it comes to international investments. With Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) the region benefits from a European air traffic hub and a business environment that stands out thanks to many location assets. Companies from many different industries already enjoy the benefits of the growing German capital region.


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The Airport Region Team's key services include advising on settlement projects and expansion investments in the region's growth industries, providing information on developments in the area surrounding the airport, and acting as an intermediary to the relevant business development agency in Berlin or Brandenburg. You will receive information and contacts on available commercial space, skilled workers and managers, as well as financing and funding opportunities.

High-growth and innovative industries characterize the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg. Multinational, medium-sized companies and startups benefit from extraordinary cooperation possibilities and excellent industry and science networks.

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Stay informed about new construction projects for residential and commercial properties, project developments and company settlements in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg.

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The BER airport operator, project developers, boroughs and municipalities are partners of the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg brand alliance. The “Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg” label stands for a broad and varied range of excellently developed, premium premises for industry and trade with Germany’s lowest business tax rate, as well as ideal transport conections in the direct and greater vicinity of BER Airport.

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Find out more about important events in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg as well as where to meet our team face-to-face at international conferences and trade fairs.

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A business location with many advantages.

"The region around BER airport is developing into one of the outstanding business locations in the German capital region." Dr. Steffen Kammradt (Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg, CEO)

"We are already registering concrete settlement projects that can be traced back to the international airport. This knock-on effect will only increase because the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg is extremely attractive for investors." Dr. Stefan Franzke (Berlin Partner, CEO)


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Speeding up diagnostics - Entangled photon pairs to help fighting cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death and the most feared disease in aging Western societies, representing the greatest challenge to modern medicine. Since cancer cannot be prevented, early and differentiated detection is extremely important for rapid intervention and cure.

One important challenge in clinical cancer diagnostics is the need for rapid analysis of patient tissue sections. This can be addressed by shortening the preparation time due to the large number of sections to be examined, preferably without the need for staining ("label‐free"), combined with a short measurement time to allow detecting tumor cells with highest reliability. Under laboratory conditions, midinfrared radiation (MIR) has already been successfully used for this purpose, but current measurement times are far too long for rapid diagnostics, so that validation and regular use in hospitals is not possible today. Transferring the MIR approach to clinical diagnostics is an open challenge: MIR light still poses high technical requirements both for its generation and for its detection application.

In the new Quantum‐Enhanced Early Diagnostics project (QEED), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the program quantum technologies – from basic research to market, ten partners from research and industry combine their expertise in this novel approach to quickly detect and fight cancer. Scientists from the Berlin-based Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) will realize the required high-power diode laser sources emitting at 1170 nm and 720 nm in a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) configuration. The MOPAs will then be integrated into an inhouse developed novel technology platform. These quantum light modules will finally be assembled jointly with components from the project partners by FBH’s Prototype Engineering Lab into the QEED system.

Significantly reduced measurement times and enhanced reliability

The project aims to transfer measurement information from the clinically relevant mid‐infrared (MIR) to the well‐detectable near‐infrared (NIR) spectral range by developing a novel spectrally resolved imaging technique relying on entangled photon pairs. Based on quantum sensor technology, the QEED microscopy method will enable label‐free examination of tissue samples and is expected to reduce the measurement time for a 10‐megapixel image to just two minutes. Simple preparation combined with fast measurement enables high sample throughput and thus, for the first time, integration into clinical workflows. Patients will benefit from this development, as biopsy samples will be able to be diagnosed more quickly and reliably in the future. In addition, this approach will help to minimize the proportion of false‐negative and false‐positive results, which according to Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum are associated with high levels of psychological distress, and thus increase the willingness of patients to take advantage of screening.

On the basis of innovative ultra‐bright photon pair sources and their adapted measurement and analysis, different demonstrators are planned – for scientific (biomedical) research and with an integrated fluorescence unit for automated pathology in clinical routine. In addition, all novel modules for the QEED system will be further developed as independent components to create stand‐alone products.

A network of business and science

Business meets science in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg. Here companies find a first-class university and institute-related research base and an environment in which scientific institutions and technology-oriented companies work hand in hand. In other words, the best conditions for developing marketable products out of innovative ideas.

For further information about the growth industries, economic development, business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg please contact:

Melanie Gartzke I melanie.gartzke(at)airport-region.de


Press release February 27,2023; “Speeding up diagnostics! Entangled photon pairs to help fighting cancer”, Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH)

Interviews with the partners of our brand alliance.

Our brand alliance partners, experienced and long-standing players in the Airport Region Berlin Brandenburg, gave us short interviews in which they explained their views on the region's development potential and its locational advantages. They also gave us an insight into their future projects and plans.