Graphical animation of a human hand and a robot hand grasping and presenting a diagram of a sphere. The globe is made up of zeros and ones. The letters "QU" and "BIT" can be read. The image is a symbol of quantum technology.

Where small is big

Berlin, a hub of innovation and technological advancement, is making significant strides in quantum technology (QT), a field in which small-scale phenomena hold immense potential for revolutionary breakthroughs. QT, which focuses on the manipulation of light and tiny particles, particularly photons and electrons, has applications in fields ranging from computing and communications to healthcare and manufacturing.

Fostering innovation and collaboration

Under the banner of BERLIN QUANTUM, Berlin's business community, research institutions and universities are spearheading a concerted effort to bring quantum technology into the mainstream. Backed by substantial funding from the state government, totaling €25 million over four years, this initiative aims to strengthen existing expertise, attract global talent, and promote both basic research and innovative business ventures. BERLIN QUANTUM is a testament to the city's commitment to becoming a leader in the emerging field of quantum technologies.

QT Landscape: A thriving research and innovation ecosystem

Berlin's quantum ecosystem thrives on the synergies between its world-class scientific institutions and dynamic technology and business sectors. From renowned universities and research institutes to cutting-edge startups and established companies, Berlin boasts a rich tapestry of entities driving advances in quantum computing, communication, and sensing. For example, the Ferdinand Braun Institute and the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge quantum devices and materials, while the Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems and the Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy contribute to basic research and applied technologies.

Business Frontier: Attracting Global Players and Fostering Local Talent

Berlin's appeal as a quantum hub is underscored by the influx of international companies and startups attracted to its vibrant ecosystem. Nomad Atomics, a leading Australian company specializing in quantum sensors, chose Berlin as its European headquarters, attracted by the city's startup-friendly environment and expertise in optics and photonics. Similarly, UK-based Q-CTRL and M Squared Laser Ltd. have established a presence in Berlin, taking advantage of the city's supportive ecosystem for quantum innovation. Home-grown quantum companies such as JCMwave, Picoquant and Quantune Technologies further enrich Berlin's quantum landscape with their innovative products and solutions.

Berlin's supportive framework for quantum innovation

Recognizing the transformative potential of quantum technology, the Berlin Senate offers a range of incentives and subsidies to encourage quantum research, development, and commercialization. Programs such as Pro FIT facilitate collaboration between companies and research institutions, while the business development agency ‘Berlin Partner’ provides critical support in navigating funding opportunities and accelerating the market entry of quantum solutions. As Berlin positions itself as a leading destination for quantum innovation, its robust support framework ensures that the city remains at the forefront of this technological frontier.

The future is light

Photonics, the strategic use of light for scientific and economic purposes, and closely related microsystems technology are key pillars in the digital landscape. With a rich heritage in optical technology spanning more than two centuries, the Capital Region is emerging as a major European hub for optics, photonics and microsystems technology.

As a nexus of diverse technological fields, the region often serves as a catalyst for groundbreaking products and services. These include cutting-edge advances in medical and sensory technologies, as well as breakthroughs in energy and communications. Through synergistic collaborations and leveraging its strong scientific foundation, the Capital Region continues to drive innovation and shape the future of these critical industries. To further drive these developments, the Berlin-Brandenburg Photonics Cluster has identified six fields of action.

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