30 new rental apartments in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Vonovia is building 30 new rental apartments and a daycare center in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The plot on Dudenstrasse, on the corner of Eylauer Strasse in the Tempelhofer Vorstadt district has mainly been used as a car park until now. The planning now foresees the construction of a six-story rental apartment building by summer 2023. The new building connects directly to a fire wall of the surrounding residential buildings and leaves space for a green inner courtyard. In the future, part of this will be used by the daycare center as a play area and will also offer 64 bicycle parking spaces for the new tenants.

“With this new building, we are making a contribution to new rental apartments not only being built in the outskirts of Berlin, but also in central locations. We are using a reserve of building land here for 30 new apartments, are building in an ecologically sustainable manner and creating added value for the entire neighborhood by leasing it to a daycare center,” says Katharina Weidlich, Regional Manager Berlin Mitte at Vonovia. The preparatory measures for construction on the site have already begun. This month will also see the start of building construction using the modular construction method, which will be carried out by the construction company Goldbeck.

The rental of the 30 apartments is expected to begin in November 2022, with completion scheduled for summer 2023. The future offer will include ten three-room apartments, each with around 72 square meters, and 20 one-room apartments, each with around 30 square meters of living space. All apartments are barrier-free via a lift and have south-facing balconies. “During planning, we placed particular importance on making good use of the plot area for the new building and at the same time creating a balanced ratio of apartments for single people and for small families. In the immediate vicinity, there are usually only spacious old-style apartments,” says Weidlich.

Ecological sustainability in new construction

In addition, the new building will be constructed as an Energy efficiency building 55 and will therefore meet high standards in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies to generate heat and electricity. An air-to-water heat pump provides an energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat supply. A large-scale photovoltaic system will be implemented on the roof, which will supply the apartments with electricity at favorable conditions according to the proven tenant electricity model. The open spaces around the new building are also part of Vonovia’s planning, which is geared towards ecological sustainability: The rainwater that collects on the roof will no longer flow into the public combined sewer system, but will seep away on the property. Four new trees will also be planted.

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