Visualization building with apartments, offices and retail in Berlin-Friedrichshain
Site plan of the building ensemble in Revaler Strasse.

Henderson Park develops climate-friendly building ensemble in Berlin

The private real estate fund manager Henderson Park has acquired the property at Revaler Strasse 2 on the corner of Warschauer Strasse in Berlin-Friedrichshain and commissioned the renowned and experienced project developer HAMBURG TEAM to build a climate-friendly and modern mixed-use property there. The project is to meet the highest requirements for green buildings. The building application has been submitted. Subject to the still pending coordination with the authorities, the project is to be completed by 2027.

To date, a supermarket dating from 1980 exists on the site. The redensification is now intended to close the urban gap at this location and restore the original block development.

A total of three buildings are to be constructed: an office building on the corner of busy Warschauer Strasse and two residential buildings in the quieter, set-back area of Revaler Strasse. As planned, the total floor area of around 29,000 square meters will be divided into 65 percent office, 20 percent residential and 15 percent commercial.

In the first floor zone facing the public street area, small-scale retail space is planned as a local supply offer to the neighborhood and the building users. In addition, the basement will again provide space for a supermarket.

During the planning phase, special attention was paid to ensuring that the three buildings blend in well with their surroundings. HAMBURG TEAM therefore commissioned two architectural firms for the residential and office buildings to ensure diversity in the facade design. The object heights are staggered and aligned with the eaves of the neighboring buildings.

"We see a shortage of climate-friendly and modern new-work-ready office space in Berlin, but more and more companies need it because of their own environmental standards," says Klaus Heldwein, site manager at HAMBURG TEAM. "We want to create a green building ensemble in Friedrichshain that looks to the future."

The office building is to be constructed using CO₂-reduced wood hybrid construction methods. It will also rely on the use of recycled materials. In addition, the site is to have a sustainable, self-sufficient and efficient heat supply. This is primarily based on geothermal probes and is supplemented by air-source heat pumps and modern photovoltaic systems on the roof. The measures will reduce the CO₂ footprint by more than 40 percent compared with conventional construction.

The generously landscaped outdoor areas and roof surfaces, which also have a special rainwater utilization concept, achieve a high air quality that also radiates positively to the surrounding area and counteracts the thermal heating of the city. The biotope area factor required by the authorities is clearly exceeded and the existing situation is improved by more than three times.

The residential buildings follow the BEG 40 standard, and the office building, which is designed as a green building, will seek sustainability certification to DGNB Platinum, the highest German standard for sustainable buildings, upon completion. Certification to the international LEED standard is also planned. A pre-assessment is currently being carried out for this purpose. Furthermore, the building is to be certified according to the WELL Building standard. This assessment system focuses on the fact that the design of buildings and interior spaces has a positive influence on the comfort, health and well-being of users.

The project is based on a modern mobility concept: The inner-city location and the close connection to the public transport system contribute to the reduction of individual traffic. Parking spaces for bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes will be provided in a dedicated underground bicycle garage. For passenger cars, only 26 underground parking spaces are to be provided. These will be equipped with charging facilities for e-vehicles.

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(Source: Feldhoff & Cie. GmbH | Volker Binnenböse, 07|27|2023 | "Henderson Park is developing with HAMBURG TEAM a climate-friendly and mixed-use building ensemble in Berlin-Friedrichshain")