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Minister Steinbach promotes Brandenburg as a business location in the US

The Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach travelled to the US on Sunday together with the CEO of the Brandenburg Economic Development Agency (WFBB) Steffen Kammradt. During the seven-day trip, the Minister and the WFBB will hold talks with the parent companies of American companies based in Brandenburg.

“With their investments, American companies are strengthening the future viability of the capital region,” explained Minister Steinbach before their departure. “US investors have created a large number of jobs here and are making a decisive contribution to the internationalization of Brandenburg as a business location,” he continued.

The CEO of the Brandenburg Economic Development Agency (WFBB), Steffen Kammradt, emphasized: “The so-called 'parent company strategy' is an integral part of our work in international location competition – and it is successful. It is very well received when State politicians and business development agencies visit corporate headquarters worldwide that have subsidiaries in Brandenburg. We expect this to provide us with better opportunities for future corporate decisions on new projects and investments. We are looking forward to the parent company discussions in the US.”

The US has been number 1 for international investors in Brandenburg for years. The US is also very important for Brandenburg in terms of goods exports, ranking second after Poland. The WFBB currently lists 42 investments from the US in Brandenburg. These include Tesla, eBay, General Atomics and Microvast, which the Minister and WFBB will visit in the US, as well as other well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Glatfelter and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Investors from the US therefore have an important share in the good industrial development of Brandenburg.

“The settlement of Tesla in Grünheide has especially brought Brandenburg into the focus of decision-makers worldwide as a mobility center of the future and an attractive investment location,” said Minister Steinbach. “This momentum must be used to cultivate contacts and stimulate further investment,” he continued.

Regarding the foreign trade figures

Brandenburg companies exported goods worth almost 1.6 billion euros to the US in 2022. The most important export products came from the product groups aircraft, trucks and special vehicles as well as pharmaceutical products. Exports to the US accounted for around 9.1 percent of Brandenburg’s total exports in 2022. The US was therefore in second place in the ranking of Brandenburg’s export destinations (behind Poland with a share of 27.6 per cent of total exports from the region).

The total import volume from the US in 2022 was just under 1.1 billion euros. The US was therefore in sixth place in the Brandenburg import ranking.

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(Source: Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie des Landes Brandenburg, 03|06||2023 | "Minister Steinbach wirbt in den USA für den Standort Brandenburg")